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Food management systems

If you are running a food business already you should have identified what might go wrong with the food. You should have put in food safety procedures to make sure that the food you sell is safe.

It is based on food safety practices that you should be familiar with.

Food safety regulations

The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 came into force on 31st December 2013. This legislation requires food businesses to operate a food safety management system. This will help provide higher standards of food safety than those currently in place. The main emphasis is on hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP). To summarise, you must be able to show what you do to make the food safe and have it written down.

Safer Food, Better Business pack

The Food Standards Agency has developed a pack for small catering businesses and retailers called Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB). It is made up of safe method sheets and a diary. The safe method sheets highlight things that are important to make food safely and asks you to write down how you do things. They also provide advice on what to do when things go wrong. Every day the diary is signed to say that the safe methods have been followed and there is space to note anything different that happens or goes wrong.

This is the most up to date version incorporating all the latest guidance and good practice.

All food business operators must have in place a food safety management system and the most widely used is Safer Food Better Business which is available to download for free via the Food Standards Agency website but it does run to over 90 pages. 

Safer Food Better Business

To assist businesses Cornwall Council offer the pack. Printed in full Colour and presented in a clear wipe clean ring binder folder.

How to order and prices

You can view prices and order Safer Food Better Business packs/refills online by following the button below.

Buy a Safer Food Better business pack or diary refillsFor some larger businesses, more detail may be required than that needed for Safer Food, Better Business.

Other versions

* This pack is also available in other languages and for set cuisines such as:

  • Indian,
  • Chinese,
  • Pakistani,
  • Bangladeshi
  • Sri Lankan

For further information please contact Business Advice

Bite-Sized Guides

We have a range of bite-sized guides available to purchase, enabling you to get your business idea off the ground. These include:

  • Cake makers
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Motor trade
  • Food markets and festivals
  • Jam makers
  • Flavoured cooking oils
  • Self catering

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