Rights and responsibilities on public rights of way

Cornwall Council, Town and Parish, and the Police and Crime Commissioner elections information and results.

Cornwall Council rights and responsiblities

Cornwall Council, as 'Highways Authority' manages public rights of way in Cornwall. Our responsibility includes asserting and protecting the public's rights to use public rights of way.

Public rights and responsibilities

What you can and can't take with you on a public right of way, when you may deviate from the line of the path and what vegetation you may trim back to clear a path.

Landowner rights and responsibilities

Landowners and occupiers have responsibilities for public rights of way on their land in Cornwall. This includes ploughing or cultivatin paths that cross fields, maintaining the width of the path, electric fences and obstructions on paths

Dogs on public rights of way

Dogs are considered a usual accompanyment on a public path but must be kept under close control by their owner or keeper.

Electric fence guidance notes

The public must not be exposed to the risk of receiving any shock from an electric fence. Any electric fence which crosses or borders a public right of way must be clearly identified as being electrified.

Gates and stiles

Landowners must not put up a new stile or gate on a public right of way unless they have formal authorisation by the Highway Authority

Ploughing and cropping

Farmers must meet with certain conditions when ploughing or sowing crops where a path crosses a field.

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