Shoreline Management Plans

The SMP2 has a nominal start date of 2005 though it was not published and adopted until 2011.

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The SMP2 is a non-statutory policy document for coastal defence planning and sets out the recommended approach to managing the shoreline over the next 100 years. This is done by considering location, time and policy.


  • Policy Development Zone
  • Management Area
  • Policy unit

Time or Epoch

  • Present day (0 - 20 years or 2005 to 2025)
  • Medium-term (20 - 50 years or 2025 to 2055)
  • Long-term (50 - 100 years or 2055 to 2105)


  • No active intervention (NAI): a decision not to invest in providing or maintaining defences or natural coastline
  • Hold the line (HTL): maintain or upgrade the level of protection provided by defences or natural coastline
  • Managed realignment (MR): manage the coastal processes to realign the ‘natural’ coastline configuration, either seaward or landward, in order to create a future sustainable shoreline position
  • Advance the line (ATL): build new defences seaward of the existing defence line where significant land reclamation is considered

The SMP1 is superseded by the SMP2

A Shoreline Management Plan review of certain locations (Management Areas and Policy Units) where a change in policy is proposed at the end of the first epoch (2025) was carried out in 2016.  A further review of the SMP2 is planned for 2018. There are currently no plans for a SMP3.

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