Modification Orders Revised Policy Statement

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Part III

Revised Policy Statement Issued: June 2006

Priorities for Dealing with Modification Orders

In accordance with the recommendations of the Secretary of State the [County] Council publish this statement. Setting out its priorities for bringing and keeping the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way (“the Map”) up-to-date.

1. Subject to exceptional circumstances the [County] Council will give priority to applications and proposals to modify the Map. Whether made under Schedule 14 or 15 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981, if the path:

(i) is categorised as or links with a “Gold Path” (as defined by the Public Path Improvement Programme approved by the Executive in April and October 2005)


(ii) is within the “Coastal Corridor” (as defined in the South West Coast Path Strategy determined by the Countryside Agency [now Natural England]


(iii) links to areas of “Open Access” or land within areas of public access identified in the Environmental Stewardship Scheme (as defined by DEFRA)


(iv) links to Public Open Spaces, Country Parks, Woodlands, Heritage Sites, Local Nature Reserves with approved or promoted access (as defined in the Cornwall Countryside Access Strategy 2006 to be determined by the Executive in September 2006.)


If a proposed path was to be added to the Map it would be classified as a “Gold Path” or as a “Silver Path” as Defined in the Public Path Improvement Programme.

All proposals which fall into the above category will then be considered in the order that they are received.

2. Any application or proposal not falling within the above category will be considered as and when resources permit in the order they are received.

Version 3.1 Revised 12th December 2011

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