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Definitive Map Modification Order Register help

The Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) application register lists the applications in WCA Reference Number numerical order, the highest WCA Reference Number on the register is presented first. 

Search the register

You can view particular application(s) by entering search criteria for the following fields:

  • The postcode of a property near the site (please note, this is not the postcode of the applicant). You can perform either a full or partial postcode search
  • The WCA reference number of the application
  • The city, town, village near the site
  • The Parish(es) in which the application lies
  • The Former District(s) in which the application lies
  • The Electoral Division(s) in which the application lies
  • Keywords in the following fields: Effect of Application, Path Number and Property near alleged route

The City/Town/Village, Parish, Former District and Electoral Division fields have an auto-complete function. This provides available matches as you type in the search field. The Postcode, WCA Ref and Keywords fields are free text fields.

Please note if you enter values in multiple search fields only records that match ALL criteria will be returned.

Sort the register

In addition, the following fields can be automatically sorted into either ascending or descending numeric or alphabetic order by clicking on the column header

  • WCA Reference
  • Effect of Application
  • Postcode (of property near the site)
  • City/Town/Village

Restore the default view

To restore the default view so the applications are in ascending WCA Reference Number order, please select 'View All Orders’. This may be necessary if you changed the order. Either after running searches or when sorting the applications as above, and want to return the applications to the default order.

Information on the register

Under section 53(5) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Cornwall Council as surveying authority must maintain a register of order applications for modifying the definitive map and/or statement.

The register is a statutory document. It must contain specific information about each application. Be available for the public to view and copy any of the details contained in the register. As well as contain an index to assist any person to trace any entry in the register.

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