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Find out your carbon footprint

There are a lot of changes you can make to lower your carbon footprint.

One of the first things you can do is find out what your carbon footprint is. There are lots of great carbon footprint calculators out there, but the WWF's carbon footprint calculator is a good place to start.

Cornwall Live's #Do1Thing carbon calculator is quick and easy but you will have to provide your email address and will be signed up to their #Do1Thing community, which they say you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Once you know your carbon footprint is, there are apps and tools which help track your carbon usage and can help you reduce it.

Giki is an app which enables you to scan products you're considering buying and find out it's carbon footprint and other information such as whether it includes palm oil. Another app which helps you make sustainable shopping choices is Cogo

For those concerned about fashion sustainability there are apps such as Good On You and Think Dirty, who look at ingredients in your cosmetics. 

We encourage you to do your own research to find the best apps, websites and groups for you.

Explore the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive

Visit the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive our new web space to share information and ideas to help tackle climate change together.

We understand that not everyone knows where to start or how to reduce their carbon footprint. We know that some people need support and encouragement. We also know there are people in Cornwall who can help other people.

We hope the Carbon Neutral Cornwall (CNC) Hive will become a place where we can get together to learn from each other and 'bee' inspired.

There's plenty to do on the CNC Hive:

  • Learn what other people are doing
  • Be inspired by articles from guest bloggers
  • Share ideas so we can tackle climate change together.

Visit the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive and join in our 'hive mind' thinking and behaving.

Act now - make a change today

Let us know what you are already doing or will commit to do, to help reduce your carbon impact, and help design the Cornwall Climate Commitments. Watch our film below

Be inspired by the Cornwall Climate Care films

The Cornwall Climate Stories is a series of documentary films that explore the realities of Climate Change. The films look at how climate change is already and will affect all aspects of life in the future, in Cornwall. The films feature interviews with local people who are working hard to prepare us for the challenges ahead.

Get involved in your community

We've got lots of ideas for how you can get involved or start community projects on our Community pages.

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