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Stray dogs recently collected

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Please check the list below to see dogs we currently have in kennels or have collected recently.

If you think your dog is listed below, please contact us on 0300 1234 212.

Please note the list is not updated outside of normal working hours.

If you've lost your dog and don't think it's listed below, please call us on  0300 1234 212 to register your dog missing. We will take your details so we can contact you if we receive a report related to your dog. 

Dogs found

Gender: Bitch

Found on: 12/07/2024

Current location: Kennels

Case ID: CP2.12072024.F1

Gender: Bitch

Found on: 08/07/2024

Current location: Kennels

Case ID: 101007202795

Image of a dog

Gender: Bitch

Found on: 11/07/2024

Current location: Kennels

Case ID: 101007209028

Image of a dog

Explanation of the current location

  • With finder -  either the dog is staying with the finder or warden is on the way to collect the dog
  • Back with owner – the dog has been returned to the owner
  • Kennels – the dog is being held in kennels
  • Warden to collect – The dog is awaiting to be collected by the dog warden
  • Vets – the dog is at a vets for treatment or collection
  • Re-homing centre – the dog is being re-homed by charity

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