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Controlling your dog in public

We recognise that dog owners like to be able to take their dogs on beaches and public open spaces.  However we also understand that not everyone likes or enjoys dogs. We carried out extensive consultation before introducing the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO). This Order restricts dogs from certain areas during set times and dates.

Dates and times when dogs are currently restricted on designated beaches

How are PSPOs enforced?

If any of the conditions of the PSPO are breached, we can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 under the Council’s enforcement policy. If you don't pay the fine it may lead to prosecution. If you are convicted you may be liable to pay a fine not exceeding level three (currently £1,000) on the standard scale.

Current Dog PSPO's in Cornwall

There are currently five dog Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO's) in place in Cornwall.


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