Transferring powers from London to Cornwall

Cornwall Council commits to the principles of Localism and Devolution

Cornwall Council is committed to delivering double devolution:

  • transferring powers from London to Cornwall
  • devolving services and assets to local communities and citizens

Devolution - to Cornwall

Cornwall is the first rural authority to agree a Devolution Deal with the Government. The Cornwall Devolution Deal outlines the powers that will be devolved to Cornwall. These include:

  • transport
  • energy
  • health and social care
  • heritage

Devolution to Cornwall

Devolution - within Cornwall

Cornwall Council is devolving services and assets within Cornwall. This work will empower local councils, groups and organisations.

Devolution within Cornwall

Community Right to Bid

The Localism Act 2011 introduced the Community Right to Bid. It enables certain groups to nominate local land or buildings to be included in the list of assets of community value.

Community Right to Bid

Britain's Leading Edge

Cornwall Council is leading the development of Britain’s Leading Edge. This will reframe the story and offer that rural regions can make to a sustainable national economy.

Britain's Leading Edge


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