What happens when a liability order is granted

If the Magistrates Court grant a Liability Order, we will write to you to let you know.

You will need to contact us immediately to either pay what you owe in full, including the additional costs or to make a suitable payment plan. If you do not contact us we will take enforcement action to recover your Council Tax debt in full.

A Liability Order lets us take money direct from certain benefits or your wages. Or we can ask an enforcement agency (bailiff) to collect the money from you.

We could also obtain a charging order on your property; make you bankrupt, wind up your company or as a last resort you could go to prison.

We can still help you at this stage, so don’t delay and contact us today, so we can work with you to obtain the best option. 

HMRC Data Share – August 2021

Cornwall is participating in a national pilot and has shared data of details of liability orders held. Data matches will be shared back with Cornwall, providing details of income.

Cornwall will use this data to help with the recovery of unpaid Council tax, but will contact each debtor to let them know we have obtained it, to give them an opportunity to repay.

Here are details of the Business case and Data Protection Impact assessment.

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