Enforcement agents (Bailiffs)

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If all other attempts to reach a suitable payment plan have failed, we will pass your Council Tax debt to our enforcement agents (bailiffs) for collection, which will increase your debt.

The three stages of enforcement action are:

  • The compliance stage - A fee of £75 is added to your account for each liability order we pass to the enforcement agent. During the compliance stage, the enforcement agent will contact to collect full payment or agree a suitable payment plan.
  • Enforcement stage – If you do not pay the debt or agree to a suitable payment plan during the compliance stage, an agent will visit your property to collect full payment or start the process of taking control of your goods. These will be sold at auction to clear your debts and any additional fees.  A minimum fee of £235 is added to the amount you owe once your account moves to the enforcement stage. A further 7.5% will be charged on any debts above £1,500
  • Sale or disposal at auction - A further fee of £110 is added to the amount you owe, together with any sale or disbursement costs. A further 7.5% will be charged on any debts above £1,500.

The enforcement agents collecting the debt on our behalf are entitled to add fees in accordance with The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014.

Enforcement Agencies

We employ the following enforcement agencies:


Website: www.rossendales.com
Email: enquiries@rossendales.com
Tel: 0333 320 2155


Website: www.equita.co.uk
Email: info@equita.co.uk
Tel: 01604 628 360


Website: www.jacobsenforcement.com
Email: mail@jacobsenforcement.com
Tel: 0151 650 4880

Marstons Group

Website: marstonholdings.co.uk
Email: customercare@marstongroup.co.uk
Tel: 0333 320 1822 

The way in which we collect Council Tax is set out in our Recovery Policy.

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