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Help Cornwall get winter ready – urgent call for more care staff

Cornwall’s care sector is urging residents from all walks of life to join the profession to help Cornwall get winter ready.

Their message is clear – whatever your circumstances, work experience and availability - there is likely to be a role for you to make a real difference to the lives of others.

With the health and care sector facing severe pressures and a shortage of care workers, people from all backgrounds and experience level are being asked to consider taking up care work now.

Cornwall Council cabinet member for adults and public health Andy Virr said: “As we all know, Cornwall is a very busy place to be during the summer months and there are a wide range of people who enjoy working to support Cornwall’s tourism sector. Now the season is coming to an end people might want to consider some of the great opportunities that are available on the Proud to Care Cornwall website.

“It could also be that your children have just started school and you have some spare time on your hands, you might be looking for some extra work on evenings or weekends. Whatever the reason there is most likely a role for you, whether that be directly caring for people, kitchen work, cleaning, people management, there is a whole range of career options on offer.”

Michaela Gill works as a Training, Recruitment and Development Manager at Cornwallis care Services. As part of this she helps people to find the right job for them in the care sector. She started working in care from a young age after seeing her family enjoy roles in care management as she grew up.

Michaela says: “For me it’s about inspiring people to do their best to support others to live the best quality life possible. I can’t express how rewarding working in care is, if you can put a smile on somebody’s face, make them giggle or share their histories, then I think that is as good as any job you can get.”

Proud to Care Cornwall is a group of care providers across Cornwall who come together to promote the jobs available in the care sector and provide support to other care providers.

To find out more about the options available, the roles on offer and what it is like to work in the care sector then please visit the Proud To Care in Cornwall website.

To find out more about Cornwallis care Services, please visit their website.

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