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People across Cornwall are being asked to share their views on day opportunities.

Day opportunities are flexible, community-based activities that support people aged 18 or above with a disability to live full meaningful lives within their local communities.

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Cornwall Council currently operates day services alongside those provided by community companies, charities and private organisations. People also take part in activities provided by clubs, leisure centres, or charities.

Cornwall Council is working with National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi) to speak to a range of people across Cornwall about their experiences of these services, as well as how they want them to be in the future.

Cornwall Council cabinet lead for adults and public health, Cllr Andy Virr said:

“From what people are telling us, we think that what people want from day opportunities has changed, particularly after Covid. These conversations will help us to understand this a bit more, as well as understanding what people want services to look like in the future.

“Day opportunities provide people with a wide range of social, work and leisure activities. They help people to make friends, build and maintain relationships, and gain new skills. In some cases, they help people to work and to positively contribute to their local community.

“They also help unpaid carers to take a break from their caring role. For all these reasons we recognise what a valued part they play in supporting residents across Cornwall.” 

NDTi will be supporting workshops and face to face discussions with people who use services, and this feedback, along with the result of the survey will ensure a ‘co-designed’ plan for the future.

Cllr Virr added:

“It might be that people could end up taking part in different activities a bit closer to where they live. It may well be that services don’t change very much, what happens next really depends on what people tell us they want.”

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