Keep in sight the dangers of Bonfire Night

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) is urging residents and businesses to ‘keep in sight the dangers of Bonfire Night’.

Every year people end up getting seriously injured when Bonfire Night celebrations go wrong, and often children are among the casualties. In 2018, 35,000 people sought advice from website on how to treat burns and scalds over the Bonfire Night and Diwali period.

Fireworks can be spectacular to watch, however they have the potential to be dangerous and can be a nuisance to your neighbours and cause distress to animals and pets.

CFRS advises that wherever possible families attend organised displays where safety procedures are in place.

Keep in sight the dangers of Bonfire Night

Scott Brown, from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service’s Prevention Team, said: “Bonfires and fireworks at home can easily go wrong and this can result in really painful injuries.

“We always advise to people to attend official events where it is much safer.”

Every year hundreds of children are scarred for life because parents underestimate the danger of fireworks and sparklers can also cause serious injuries. A sparkler burns at about 2000 degrees – that's hot enough to melt some metals.

Scott added: “Sparklers can be great fun but they are not toys. It is important to closely supervise children when using sparklers. They get five times hotter than cooking oil and can cause serious burns. Stick them into a vegetable, such as a carrot or parsnip, to protect your hands and always keep a bucket of water nearby so you can put your spent sparklers in there.

“If you must have a bonfire at home, please let us know in advance. This stops us from sending fire engines to false alarms when they could be responding to a real emergency.”

To notify Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service about a bonfire call 0203 162 2240 and tell the critical control operator where and when the bonfire will be lit. Alternatively, email

Anyone planning to light fireworks or bonfires at home should read the full safety guidance on the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service website.

Press release issued on November 2, 2022

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