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Changing schools during the school year ('in-year')

Please note that there may be a considerable delay in processing applications at this time.  Our target is 20 school days, however this may be exceeded due to the current circumstances.

We appreciate your patience and will be in touch with an outcome as soon as possible.

Are you thinking of requesting a change of school for your child because of concerns about their:

  • attendance
  • behaviour or
  • bullying

You may find it helpful to talk to the Education Welfare Service.  You should talk to them about dealing with these issues before submitting an application to change schools. They can be contacted on 01872 323400.

Cornwall Council is responsible for coordinating in-year admissions.  This is for the majority of state-funded schools in Cornwall and includes academies.

An ‘in-year application' is made to change schools or join a school during the school year. I.e. not at the normal points of entry:

  • starting in reception
  • transferring from infant school to junior school
  • transferring from primary school to secondary school


Changing schools is a significant step and often difficult to avoid because of a house move. There are also situations when a parent/carer might decide that they are not happy with their child’s current school.  They have to make the difficult decision about whether to apply for a change. In this situation, we strongly recommend that you first talk to someone at your child’s current school about your reason/s for considering a change. It might be that any issues could be addressed without having to change schools.
If you decide to apply for a change of school, you may also wish to consider:

Transport: you should be aware that your entitlement to home to school transport might change depending on where you are applying. Even if you are not changing your address. Information on transport can be found on the Home to School Transport pages.

Implications for secondary-age students: you should be aware of the possible implications of your child not being able to continue studying the same subjects/option choices.  As well as their existing coursework not being applicable to a different examining body.

Before you apply, please read the Changing Schools In-year: GuidanceThis accompanies the application form.


You can apply for a change of school up to eight school weeks in advance of a school place being required (twelve weeks for service families). Applications outside of these timescales will not be processed and you will not be able to apply online. 

Applications will, as far as possible, be processed within twenty school days. At busy times of the year, in particular in the summer term, your application may take longer to process. The twenty school days does not include the school holidays. Parents/carers should consider this and submit an application as early as possible. Up to eight school weeks in advance (twelve in the case of Service Families).

How to apply

For the majority of schools in Cornwall you can apply online to change or join schools in-year using the link below. 

The application process is slightly different if:

  • your child has an Education Health and Care Plan 
  • you would like to apply for a place at Camborne Science and International Academy 

Find out more below.

Please note:

This form is to apply for schools in Cornwall only. To find out how to apply for schools in another local authority, please contact that local authority direct.

Changing Schools In-year Application Form

How to apply if your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan

If your child has been issued with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan) you do not need to complete an application form.  A school place will be identified through a separate process. Please contact the Statutory SEN Service for more information:

Tel: 01872 324242      

How to apply for a place at Camborne Science and International Academy

Currently Camborne Science and International Academy does not participate in our In-year Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme.  In this case you will need to apply direct to the school.  Please contact the school or visit their website for information on how to apply.

Tel: 01209 712280 
Website: Camborne Science and International Academy

Changed your mind?

If you have submitted an in-year application and a place has not been allocated yet, you can complete the 'Changing your preference/s' form to:

  • Change your preference/s
  • Add a preference/s (if you have not already listed three) or
  • Change the order of your preferences

Admission arrangements

Please see the Admission Arrangements 2020-21 page for information on how places will be allocated.

Please see the Co-ordinated In-year Admissions Scheme 2020/21 for arrangements that will apply for in-year admissions during the 2020/21 school year.

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