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Being scammed can be a humiliating and costly experience. Anyone can fall for a scam. They arrive through the post, by email, as a fax, over the telephone and on the doorstep. Most scams are, quite simply, fraud and the perpetrators are criminals.

Scammers are just out to get your money - don't fall for it!

We want to ensure that we give people in Cornwall as much help as possible to avoid scams.  To find out more follow the links below:

Helping to Protect You - Text Alert Service

We now offer a text alert service, which can send alerts about the latest scams direct to your mobile. Messages will provide links on where to find more information or advice on how to avoid being caught out. The messages will focus on scams that are most relevant to your local area.

You can subscribe online to this service.

Talks for groups and organisations 

We are happy to give talks to local groups, organisations and schools about scams.  

National Trading Standards Scams team

The National Trading Standards Scam Teams Website has more information on scams. 

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