Environmental protection fees and charges

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On this page you will find fees and charges relating to Environmental Protection. Effective from 1st April 2020.

VAT included at standard rate except:

* - VAT exempt

** - Outside the scope of VAT

Environmental Protection Fee (20-21)
Private Water Supplies: provision of information report. £126 (up to 1.5 hours work)
Public Health Funerals. *£5,740 + undertaker fees at cost
Exhumations. *£2056
Return of ashes (collection from Council offices Dolcoath Avenue only). *£176
Green burial application. *£210 (up to 3 hours work)
Provision of Information (excluding contaminated land) £84 per hour or part thereof
Contaminated land - provision of information report. £126 (up to 1.5 hours work)
Issue of Factual Statement £336 (up to 4 hours work)
Private water supplies –sampling. *£111 + laboratory costs
Private water supplies – risk assessments. £327 (£288 if pre assessment returned within 14 days)

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