Community protection fees and charges

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Please find below the fees for Community Protection services. Effective from 1st April 2020

VAT included at standard rate except:

* VAT exempt

** Outside the scope of VAT

 Community Protection services Fee (20-21)
Stray dogs.  
Standard release fee (includes statutory and administration charges). **£85 (Veterinary fee will be added at cost price)
Kennelling per day or part thereof. £14
Out of hours collection fee. **£40
Out of hours return fee. **£50
Ancillary fees:   
Chipping at time of release £13
Chipping at Council Office or a chipping event £26
Chipping at customers home £44
Tags £5
Waste Bags x 250 £5
 Issue of factual statement  £336 ( includes up to 4 hours work)
Works in default *Contractors charges at cost + £70 per hour or part thereof storage charge £4 per day or part thereof
Contractors charges *Contractors charges at cost + £70 per hour or part thereof storage charge £4 per day or part thereof
Breach of public spaces protection order fixed penalty charge *£100
Failure to comply with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) *£100
Litter Fixed Penalty Charge *£150
Failure to exercise duty of care (residential premises)  TBC
Failure to produce a Waste Transfer Note Penalty Charge *£300
Failure to produce a Waste Carrier Licence Fixed Penalty Charge *£300
Domestic Waste receptacle offences *£80
Industrial and Commercial Waste Receptacle Offences Fixed Penalty Charge *£110
Noise from Licensed Premises Fixed Penalty Charge *£500
Noise from Dwellings Fixed Penalty Charge *£110
Alarm noise: failure to nominate key-holder or to notify local authority of key-holder’s details Fixed Penalty Charge *£80
Graffiti Fixed Penalty Charge *£100
Fixed Penalty Notice for Fly Tipping *£400
Unauthorised Distribution of Literature Fixed Penalty Charge *£80
Nuisance Vehicles Fixed Penalty Charge *£100
Abandoning a Vehicle Fixed Penalty Charge *£200
Abandoned vehicle charges (for vehicles equal to or less than 3.5 tonnes MAM See Legislation

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