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Street trading licence

Introduction to Street Trading

‘Street trading’ means the:

  • selling
  • or exposing
  • or offering for sale

of any article in a street. A 'street' includes:

  • any road,
  • footpath
  • or other area

to which the public have access without payment.

We regulate Street Trading so that we can decide where to allow street trading. This helps us regulate this so we can manage the environmental and safety implications. For example:

  • obstructions
  • overcrowding in streets
  • escape from/access to premises causing public safety issues
  • nuisances such as smells, noise and litter

On 1 July 2016, the Licensing Authority designated the whole of Cornwall as a street trading ‘consent’ area. This means all street trading in Cornwall requires the Licensing Authority’s consent.

This excludes various exemptions. Please refer to the Statement of Practices, Procedures and Policy for full details.

How to apply for Street Trading Consent

Before making an application you should refer to our:

  • Statement of Practices, Procedures and Policy. This is strongly recommended.
  • You should then contact your local Licensing Team. Our aim is to assist you in applying for the correct licenses to suit your needs. We also aim to help mitigate any problems which may arise during the application process.

Applicants are required to provide proof of entitlement to work in the UK before a Consent is issued.

Download a Street Trading Application Form

Licensing Direct

We now offer a chargeable service to support street trading enquiries and applications. This includes Pre-Application Advice and Application Assistance.

We can help you through all aspects of the application process, including:

  • identifying whose permissions you need
  • whether or not your chosen location may be exempt from the need to apply for a Street Trading Consent

Over 1000 applicants have used this service. Customers surveyed said that they would either recommend or use this service again.

For further information please refer to our Licensing Direct (Street Trading) flyer. This includes our terms and conditions

We can also offer a comprehensive range of business regulatory support services. This is available to help and advise businesses to be more successful and compliant.

Please contact the Licensing Service for further information.

Pop up sites

The Council have a tender opportunity for pop up sites. There are approximately 40 sites across Cornwall on:

  • beaches
  • harbours
  • car parks
  • open spaces

The Council are looking for interesting and innovative uses of their land for pop up sites. More information can be found on the pop up sites page.

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