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Private Hire Operators Licence

Any person who wants to work self employed driving a private hire vehicle must first obtain a private hire operator’s licence from the local authority.

If an employer holds a private hire operator’s licence this allows employees to drive private hire vehicles without obtaining their own private hire operator’s licence.

This applies to anyone who plans to take pre-bookings for the carriage of passengers in licensed private hire vehicles.

An application for a private hire operator’s licence does not constitute a grant of planning permission to operate a business from the premises that you intend to use as a booking office. Please advise the Planning and Building Control Department as to the intended change of use of a property.

Licensed operators must keep a record of all bookings in a suitable log book, which includes:

  • the date of the booking
  • the date of the required journey
  • the time and point of pick up, the destination
  • details of the vehicle used and its driver
  • any additional remarks

Private hire operator's licences are subject to private hire operator conditions.

How to apply

Apply for a Private Hire Operator Licence

Please refer to the application guidance before completing the form.

Once completed, the form must be returned to Licensing Service, together with a basic criminal record check (if not a licensed driver), a current certificate of insurance for Public Liability Insurance (if a booking office is to be used) and the appropriate fee. 

Applicants must ensure that the Criminal Records Disclosure is not more than one month old at time of application. A Criminal Records Disclosure is required for each applicant, director or partner.

The criminal conviction certificate is a basic Criminal Records Disclosure.  A Basic Disclosure certificate can be obtained from the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Any enquiries regarding this should be directed to the Disclosure and Barring Service - email or telephone on 0300 020 0190.

Operator licences are issued up to 5 years. Operators must apply to renew their licence before the expiry date. 


You can view the full list of taxi licence fees here. 

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