Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

Any premises where alcohol is supplied under a premises licence must have a nominated designated premises supervisor (person in day to day control of the premises).  A DPS must be a personal licence holder.  The DPS will not necessarily be the premises licence holder, although this may sometimes be the case. It is expected that they will be the point of contact for the premises at all times for:

  • licensing authorities,
  • or the police
  • or fire services

if problems occur at the premises.  A DPS is not required for premises which:

  • do not sell alcohol,
  • club premises
  • or for sales made under a temporary event notice.

The DPS named on a premises licence can be changed as people move on to other jobs.  The licence holder must make an application to vary the DPS so that up to date information is shown on the premises licence. 

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