Active travel: walking and cycling

Active travel refers to: 

  • walking
  • scooting
  • cycling and
  • Park and Stride

The Council promotes active travel as a healthy and sustainable means of transport.

COP26 Climate Action Resources for Schools

With COP26 starting on 31st October, Sustrans, in partnership with Cornwall Council, have produced a resource sheet with links to engaging climate action resources to inspire students across all key stages.

View the infographic

School Active Travel toolkit

Active Travel (including Park and Stride) can complement other measures that schools have in place to manage a safe return to school. Encouraging students to walk, scoot and cycle can help reduce pressure on space as they arrive and leave.  It also reduces congestion and air pollution at the school gate.

Check out the Sustrans Active Travel toolkit.  The toolkit includes guidance and bespoke resources for schools, parents and students.

Parent / student guidance note 

Parent / student resources

School guidance note

School resources

You can also take a look at the short film below where Nick from Sustrans explains more.

Modeshift Stars

A school travel plan can help change travel behaviours and encourage more people to get to school by: 

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Scooting

Modeshift Stars have resources to help you prepare a Travel Plan.

What does Modeshift Offer?

  • Online platform
  • Developed - framework for achieving accreditation
  • Nomination - to National School Travel Awards

To help you Active Cornwall have produced two documents:

Accreditation Guidance - showing the simple process to access and be guided through Modeshift Stars scheme

Benefits -  highlights the links between Modeshift and: 

  • Sustrans
  • Curriculum
  • Skills
  • Partnerships
  • Healthy Schools Rating Scheme
  • Primary Sport Premium

Active travel maps

The active travel maps show: 

  • key locations including schools, local shops and green spaces
  • how to get to them on foot, by bike or by public transport
  • further information about walking and cycling routes in the local area
  • a handy distance/time calculator

Download the maps for free below:

Local cycling and walking infrastructure plans

In 2020 the Government produced a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) feature in the strategy. They are a strategic approach to identifying cycling and walking improvements.

They enable a long-term approach to developing local cycling and walking networks. In turn, increasing the number of trips made on foot or by cycle.

The key outputs of LCWIPs are: 

  • a network plan for walking and cycling with preferred routes and core walking zones
  • a prioritised programme of infrastructure improvements for future investment
  • a report which sets out the context for the identified improvements and network

The LCWIP will be the basis of bids for funding to deliver these improvements.

You can read Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans below:

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