Advance Payments Code

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The Advance Payments Code (APC) is a statutory notice served by the Council.

The notice requires the developer to pay a sum of money to cover the cost of constructing the street(s). This is to protect residents in the event that the developer fails to complete the works.

We will serve an Advance Payments Code Notice (APC)

  • on notification of the approval or acceptance of any Building Regulations application and
  • where the streets within the site boundary are considered suitable for adoption. This will apply where the layout provides benefit to the wider public, for example
    • by providing a through route to potential future development, or
    • to existing maintained public rights of way, highways, roads, streets or footpaths, or
    • public open spaces

It is your responsibility to ensure that the APC sum is paid. If you believe someone else should be paying, please contact us with the relevant details.

Advance Payments Code notices are registered on the Local Land Charges Register.

Advance Payments Code notices stay with the land and remain payable if the land is later sold. You should provide any new owners with a copy of the APC.

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