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Bus stops

Bus stops can provide safe, convenient and accessible waiting facilities for buses and passengers.

We use a range of bus stop features to ensure waiting facilities are attractive, comfortable, well-lit and overlooked.  We use mandatory bus stop road markings to manage traffic at identified facilities.

Most bus stop measures are made up of several features that work in conjunction with each other. All sites are unique, requiring varying levels of treatment and costs. 

When we design and lay out bus stop schemes we aim to minimise the disruption to bus routes.

Requests for improvements

Currently there is no government funding available for new bus shelters or bus stop improvements.  However, Town and Parish Councils may apply to Cornwall Council for a grant towards the purchase of a bus shelter or bus stop improvements. 

For further details, applicants should contact us at or on 0300 1234 222.

Eligibility for a grant

Cornwall Council will give consideration to grant funding on the basis of:

  • Level of bus service
  • Existing stop usage
  • Age and condition of shelter or infrastructure
  • Proximity to any other existing bus shelters or stops

Requests for grant funding will be dealt with on a 'first come, first served' basis.  Where financial assistance is unavailable, requests will be rolled forward to be reviewed in the following financial year.  Only one application for grant funding will be considered per year.

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