Active travel funding

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As part of its Covid-19 response, Government announced a £250m Active Travel Fund. This is to deliver quick interventions to encourage cycling and walking. The aim is to:

  • help avoid overcrowding on public transport and in town centres in the short term
  • encourage walking and cycling to become popular choices in the long term.

Initial funding

We already have £152,000 of government funding.  We spent this on temporary walking and cycling measures in our towns.

Further funding

Government has now allocated us a further £607,000.  Find out about the schemes which we are proposing to consult on and deliver below. 

Each scheme is subject to:

  • detailed investigation
  • design and safety audits
  • consultation and equality impact assessments

Our bid for funding also included a cycle path from Penryn Campus to Falmouth Campus along the A39. We did not get all the funding we bid for, so this may be taken forward at a later date.

The scheme is supported by the Falmouth Place Shaping Board. Other groups, including cyclists have also given their support. It was also included in the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The proposal includes:

  • Extend the 11am – 4pm restriction for motor vehicles. This will cover Market Street, Church Street and part of Arwennack Street as far as Quay Street.
  • Including more cycle racks and other facilities.


We will consult the following people during:

December 2020

  • the MP before consultation goes live

April 2021

  • Disability Cornwall and iSight Cornwall
  • Place Shaping Board including BID, Councillors, NDP, Harbour Board
  • Falmouth Town Council
  • Public and Businesses via Let's Talk Cornwall, social media,
  • Working group of stakeholders
  • Standard Highway scheme consultation process for emergency services

Kenwyn to Shortlanesend cycle path

There are currently gaps in walking and cycling provision across Truro. By joining them up we can create a city-wide network of routes linking key destinations and transport hubs.

This scheme is in our Local Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan for Truro as 'Cycle Route 5'. We involved Cornwall Councillors and the public when we put this together.   The pedestrian island is supported by the Local Member as part of a traffic calming scheme. The proposal includes:

  • Extension of existing pedestrian and cycle shared path, off-carriageway. This will connect with the Quiet Lane Network at Knights Hill, Kenwyn.
  • Segregated facilities for contraflow cycle lane
  • Option for an pedestrian island to access the bus stop inbound to the City.

Consultation on this scheme is happening between 8th March and 5th April 2021. To give your views visit our consultation pages.

Quiet lanes around Truro

There is a network of country lanes to the northwest of Truro that could enhance walking and cycling accessibility. But these lanes are currently used by “rat-running” commuter traffic. This makes walking and cycling less attractive.

We are proposing a “Quiet Lane” trial on the small roads between Shortlanesend and the Royal Cornwall Hospital. This will restrict motor vehicle access.  It will also provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists.

The trial will run for 12 months. It will operate under an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order. This will prohibit motorised traffic except for access. Traffic prohibitions will be applied at 10 entry points. This will create a network of approximately 15km of Quiet Lanes as shown on the scheme plan. This traffic prohibition will be enforceable by the Police. It will not prevent access to properties within the zone for:

  • residents
  • their visitors
  • deliveries

Please note the trial does NOT include any road closures or physical obstructions. The restrictions would not apply to the Emergency Services responding to a call.

The intention is that the signs will be erected in late April, with the Experimental Order coming into force in early May 2021. The experimental traffic prohibitions will stay in force for 12 months. The effects of the Order will be monitored and assessed, before any decision is made on whether to make these arrangements permanent.

Further publicity and notification will be provided in advance of the trial going live. During the trial there will be an opportunity to provide formal feedback on the Experimental Traffic Order. This will influence that final decision.

If you have any queries or concerns about the trial before it goes live, please get in touch with the project team.  You can contact the team using the contact details shown on this page.

For more details of the proposal please see the scheme plan.


We will consult the following people during:

December 2020

  • the MP before consultation goes live

Spring 2021

  • Disability Cornwall and iSight Cornwall
  • Truro ward councillors
  • Truro and Kenwyn councils
  • Royal Cornwall Hospital
  • Residents and Businesses (via Let's Talk Cornwall, mail drop, social media)
  • Working group for local councillors
  • Royal Mail
  • Emergency services

Letters have been sent to all residents within and adjacent to the Quiet Lane trial zone. This was to explain the purpose of the trial and what it will mean for those who live in or near to the area affected. During the trial itself views will be sought of residents and wider population on whether the trial should be permanent.

There have been calls from residents to reduce traffic in Penzance town centre.  They told us this at the Neighbourhood Plan consultations and EXPO events. This is to support the health, well-being and vitality of the town. There is widespread support for pedestrian priority in areas such as:

  • Market Jew Street
  • Promenade

Also for cycling infrastructure to and through the town as part of the wider Bay to Bay multi-use trail project.

The proposal is:

  • Introduce a 20mph speed limit in Penzance town centre. This includes the residential areas up to and including Alexandra Road;
  • Change road signage to direct more traffic to the town centre car parks, and through traffic to use the A30;
  • Provide enhanced crossing facilities on Western Promenade Road. Also to change the environment to encourage traffic to avoid the town centre when travelling across Penzance;
  • Formalise the parking on Alexandra Road. This will maximise parking availability and provide new crossing points. It will also help maintain a good flow of traffic as the directional signage changes to Penzance which will see an increased use of Alexandra Road.


We will consult the following people during:

December 2020

  • the MP before consultation goes live

January 2021

  • Penzance Town Council
  • Disability Cornwall and iSight Cornwall
  • Place Shaping Board including BID, Councillors
  • Public and Businesses via Let's Talk Cornwall and Love Penzance website
  • Cornwall Council Integrated Transport Unit
  • Standard Highway scheme consultation process for emergency services

Next steps

Depending on the results of the statutory consultation, the current aim is for work on delivering this phase to begin in April 2021. 

If these projects operate successfully, the team will then seek to deliver the third phase of the scheme. This focuses on reducing traffic flow along the promenade to create a safer and more attractive place for people to spend time. This contributes to the wider ambition to restore the promenade to its former glory and as a key asset for the town.

As this final phase is not expected to be implemented until the Autumn, the designs are still at a very early stage. Further information will be provided about the proposals as they are developed with an opportunity to comment.

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