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Usage statistics

Month Page views Visits Unique visitors Availability
June 2021 5,014,529 1,249,527 661,363 99.9%
May 2021 5,401,053 1,290,598 632,085 99.4%
April 2021 5,464,693 1,238,080 593,102 100%

Top search queries

During June 2021 the following terms were used most frequently by people using the website search:

Search queries Occurrences
planning 1276
council tax 584
mapping 278
recycling 275
blue badge 238
garden waste 227
planning applications 221
parking 206
business rates 205
bus pass 197


Our top ten most accessed pages

During June 2021 the following pages were accessed most often on the Cornwall Council website:

  • Online planning system
  • Homechoice
  • Jobs system
  • Online planning register
  • Council tax
  • Planning and building control
  • Library account
  • Self service
  • Adult Education courses
  • Jobs and Careers

About these statistics

Page Views

A page view, which is sometimes referred to as a 'hit', is counted every time a web page is requested from our site.


A visit is recorded as the number of individual sessions initiated by all the visitors to our site. If a visitor makes a number of individual sessions to our website each one is counted as a visit.

Unique Visitors

The 'Unique Visitor' figure represents the number of uniquely identified people who made their first recorded visit to the web site during the selected report period. A repeat visit is identified by a long-lasting cookie which the web site user has accepted. One unique web site user can make multiple visits but is identified as a returning visitor. As such is not counted more than once as a unique visitor during the report period.


At Cornwall Council we are committed to providing access to all the services we deliver, via our website. Our aim is to offer our online services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

To provide independent verification, we use a third party service to monitor website availability.

Cornwall Council aims to maintain 99% availability for its website.

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