General Public Participation Scheme Privacy Notice

Who will control my data?

The Controller for all the information you provide on this form is Cornwall Council, New County Hall, Treyew Road, Truro TR1 3AY.  Data Protection Registration Number: Z1745294

There’s something I don’t understand

If you need help in understanding or completing this form, please contact Democratic Services by emailing

Why we are processing your information

All public questions received in respect of a Council, Cabinet or Committee meeting will be processed in accordance with the Council Procedure Rules set out in the Council’s Constitution.  The Council’s Constitution requires that your name and postal town be published along with your question within any relevant documentation.  This will include being published online.  The processing of your personal data for this purpose is based upon your consent.  By submitting your question you are indicating your consent.

What will your information be used for?

Your information will be used by Cornwall Council to manage the process for the submission of questions to Council, Cabinet or Committee meetings where questions are permitted. 

Your information could also be used to contact you regarding your question for the following reasons:

  1. If your question does not comply with the parameters set out in the Council’s General Public Participation Scheme, including explaining why your question might be rejected by the Monitoring Officer.
  2. To contact you after the meeting with the response to the question that was provided.

Who else will we share your information with?

Any personal data (other than name and postal town) provided by public participants will not be shared with anyone except the member of Democratic Services who deals with the respective Committee.  Apart from the reference to the public participants name and postal town in the minutes (which are retained in perpetuity), any information in addition to name and postal town will be securely destroyed following the approval of the minutes for the meeting concerned.  Access to your information will only be made to authorised members of staff who are required to process it for the purposes outlined in this privacy notice.

In accordance with the Council’s Participation Scheme, we will only share your name and postal town within the minutes of the meeting (which is a public document) at which your question is dealt with.   The Council may publish audio and/or video recordings of the meeting to You Tube in which case your image, name and postal town will be available to view online.

How will we look after your data?

Any personal data provided will be held within Cornwall Council’s secure network and will not be published outside of the EEA.  Recordings of meetings are published to You Tube and therefore the content will be accessible worldwide.

Accuracy of your information

We will process the information given at the time of representation. If your information is not accurate then you can email us at  Alternatively if you use public access and register online you will be able to manage this yourself.

How long will you keep this information for?

We will retain your information until the minutes of the meeting at which your question was dealt with have been approved.  After this time we will ensure any additional information you have provided is deleted securely with the exception of your name and postal town which will be retained in perpetuity within the minutes of the meeting.  Material published on You Tube will be removed after six years.

What are my data rights?

Your personal information belongs to you and you have the right to:

  • be informed of how we will process it
  • request a copy of what we hold about you and in commonly used electronic format if you wish (if you provided this to us electronically for automated processing, we will return it in the same way)
  • have it amended if it’s incorrect or incomplete
  • have it deleted (where we do not have a legal requirement to retain it)
  • withdraw your consent if you no longer wish us to process
  • restrict how we process it
  • object to us using it for marketing or research purposes
  • object to us using it in relation to a legal task or in the exercise of an official authority
  • request that a person reviews an automated decision where it has had an adverse effect on you

How do I exercise these rights?

If you would like to access any of the information we hold about you or have concerns regarding the way we have processed your information, please contact:

  • Email:
  • Tel: 01872 326424
  • Data Protection Officer, Assurance, Cornwall Council, County Hall, Truro, TR1 3AY 

I don’t agree with something

We would prefer any complaints to be made to us initially so that we have the opportunity to see if we can put things right.  However,  if you are unhappy with the way we have processed your information or how we have responded to your request to exercise any of your rights in relation to your data, you can raise your concerns direct with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Why do you need my information?

You have asked us to submit your question for consideration at a Council, Cabinet or Committee meeting.  Council Procedure Rules require that we publish the name and town of any member of the public who submits a question to a meeting.  We are unable to accept anonymous questions.  Without your details we will not be able to provide you with the service.  



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