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Employing a personal assistant

There are things to consider when employing a personal assistant. Please read out factsheet to help answer any questions you might have. Employing a Personal Assistant When we setup your direct payment you can also ask for advice. Templates If you have chosen to use a personal assistant, you need to ensure a contract of employment is in place before they start. We recommend the example contract provided on the Skills for .....

Last updated: 20/05/2022 10:02:04

Help for Ukraine

Cornwall Stands with Ukraine In Cornwall we will do what we can to support people escaping the war in Ukraine. In addition, we want to reach out to Ukrainian residents currently living in Cornwall, and anyone with friends and families affected by, or concerned about, events in Ukraine. The Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme (also called the Ukraine Sponsorship scheme) Our first priority is to advise and support those r.....

Last updated: 13/05/2022 12:51:27

Lottery licence

Definition of lotteries Lotteries are regulated by the Gambling Act 2005 and fall into two overall definitions: A simple lottery where: (a) persons are required to pay in order to take part and; (b) one or more prizes are allocated to one or more participants by a process that relies wholly on chance. A complex lottery where: (a) persons are required to pay in order to take part; (b) one or more prizes are allocated to.....

Last updated: 20/10/2021 14:38:43

Revisions and amendments to planning applications

Policy on accepting amendments to planning applications The Council will exercise its discretion whether to request or accept amendments to a planning application under consideration.  Upon receipt of an application, we expect it to be: supported by relevant information and in a condition to be fully assessed and determined as submitted. On that basis our normal position is not to seek or accept amendments after validat.....

Last updated: 03/08/2022 14:27:22

Making an application

Types of application There are four types of Building Regulation application: Full Plans applications Building Notice applications Regularisation applications Reversion applications The different types of application and our fees are explained further down this page. Make an application When you are ready to submit your Building Control application you can do this by pressing the first blue button below. The button will.....

Last updated: 26/05/2022 14:02:53

Building control guidance and information

Construction is becoming more technical. We aim to help you negotiate the requirements of the building regulations.  You may need an architect or agent to design your scheme. They will provide you with the detailed drawings and specification. Planning drawings do not normally show enough technical details. The Building Regulations 2010 and ‘Approved Documents’ give construction guidance.  This includes subjects such as: .....

Last updated: 11/07/2022 14:23:01

Locations that stock recycling containers and seagull proof sacks

Please be aware that some offices are still closed due to COVID-19 working arrangements and some libraries  may still be operating on limited arrangements. Please check the relevant page if you wish to use a Library Service. Due to stock level fluctuations and COVID -19 arrangements please call ahead.  This will make sure the equipment you need is in stock and available for collection. You can now purchase reusable protec.....

Last updated: 22/04/2022 07:54:04

Langarth Garden Village

Our vision Living in Langarth means being part of a distinctive, vibrant community. Beautifully designed homes meet the needs and budgets of all sectors, set in high quality open spaces. A community providing an unrivalled quality of life. Where walkable corridors connect schools, innovative workspaces and health, cultural and leisure facilities. A community where residents of all ages can enjoy the benefits of rural life.....

Last updated: 16/08/2021 14:09:39


We webcast and record all of our most popular council meetings. Meetings of Cornwall Council, Cabinet and Committees are taking place at: County Hall, Truro Chy Trevail Council offices, Bodmin Dolcoath Council offices, Camborne Please check the agenda front page for meeting venue details. We will give access to members of the public at meeting venues We will provide remote access using MS Teams if members of the public.....

Last updated: 12/08/2022 14:38:46

Report unauthorised building or engineering work to a dwelling house

Privacy statement The information you provide on this form will be used to provide you with the enforcement service you have requested.  We will only use this information to deal with your enquiry.  This may include checks with planning, highways, environmental health, housing, council tax, business rates, to verify the information provided.  We may also share your information with statutory consultees including but not .....

Last updated: 28/05/2021 07:01:56

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