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We are delighted to present our refreshed offer of services.  This is for schools, academies and other educational settings.

We have an extensive service offer which includes:

  • Administration and Management
  • School Effectiveness
  • HR and Finance
  • Data and Statistics
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Safeguarding

The Services for Schools Directory

You can find all our services within our directory.  This is published within the Services for Schools area of School Messenger.  A secure log in is required.  It includes how the services can benefit your school or schools. There is a direct contact for each service within the directory to advise you on that specific service. Alternatively if you have a more general enquiry you can contact the team using the details on this page.

We hope you find the directory useful. Please continue to share your views with us about:

  • what is working well
  • services that can be improved
  • services you feel we should be offering

Why buy from Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council’s Services for Schools staff are highly skilled. Our services are well respected and valued by schools. Find testimonials throughout the Directory.

We are committed to:

  • Delivering high quality services that your school can depend on
  • Providing excellent value for money
  • Supporting you to comply with national/legislative standards where applicable
  • Offering bespoke and standard packages to meet your school’s needs
  • Information governance
  • Clear corporate processes
  • Established multi professional and multi-agency working
  • Suitably qualified staff, covered by the necessary DBS checks as required

We provide both core service level agreements and also flexible support services. You can either buy a year's support or pay as you go.

We value all our customers and are committed to continual review of our offer to improve our services. We appreciate the challenges that schools face during difficult financial times. Our services are designed and priced to help you manage your budgets.

How to buy from Cornwall Council

We aim to make purchasing our services as easy as possible. There are two ways to buy our services:

Option 1: Online via the Services for Schools web portal

Services which can be bought through the web portal are identified in the Directory.

Logging in

Visit the services for schools website

You then need to enter your login details.  Your username is always your email address.

If you have forgotten your password, this can be reset by using the Forgotten your Password facility.   You can also email the Services for Schools Support Team at

Viewing Services

Once logged in, you can view the various providers on the left hand side of the screen.  They can be viewed by category (default) or by name. Click on the name of the provider to view what is being offered by that provider to your school.

  • Core packages are highlighted in GREEN. This is normally those which cover your school for the full academic year
  • Services highlighted in BLUE are Flexible Support items.  These are ‘pay as you go’ purchases that can be made throughout the school year

Click on the service to view an explanation of what is being offered.

Option 2: contacting services directly

Please contact the service direct using the contact information provided in the Directory for:

  • services that are not available via the SfS web portal
  • those where you want to negotiate a bespoke package

Need help?

Most issues can be resolved online, it's the quickest and most convenient way to get help.

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