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Change the preference on your school application

Please note: This is NOT a school place application form. This form is to change your preferences if you have already applied for a school place or  change of school and you have not had the outcome of that application.  Please read the notes below to understand more.

If you have submitted a school place application you can use this form to request to:

  • Change your preference/s 
  • Add a preference/s (if you have not already listed three) or 
  • Change the order of your preferences

Please note:

  • This form MUST be completed by the person that completed the original application form.
  • You should check if your child will be eligible for travel assistance before changing your preference/s. This is particularly important if you are changing address

Starting school, transfer to junior school or secondary school applications

If we can offer one of your new preferences we will withdraw the offer of a place at the school you were allocated originally.

Please note that if the deadline for applying for school places has passed your changed preference(s) may be processed as a late application.  Please contact the School Admissions Team for further information.  

In-Year (Changing Schools) applications

If you have already been offered a place following your original application you will need to complete a new application form.

School Preference Change Notification Form

Change to preferences (please note you can only have up to three preferences)

Privacy Notice

Please go to the privacy notice page for full details on how your data will be handled. 

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