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Access to Higher Education

What is it all about?

Do you want to go to university or switch a career? If yes, then our Access to Higher Education (HE) Level 3 courses could unlock your future and fulfil your dreams.

The Access to HE course has also provided learners with the ability to change their career direction without going to university. Many learners use the Access course to develop their knowledge and gain a credible qualification to enter a new area of employment.

The course is taught by highly skilled tutors who are experts in their specialist areas. They are supportive, non-judgemental and allow learning at your own pace. 

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Access to HE
What our learners say…

My learning journey so far has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. The course has helped me academically in terms of my academic writing and how to reference my assignments correctly. This will enable me to transfer these new skills for when I start university.

My tutors have been very helpful during my university application. I have benefited from the UCAS support when compiling my university application.

This course has given me confidence in all areas of my learning, and I have progressed not only in my work but as a person too.

I found going back into a learning environment a daunting prospect at the beginning of the course. Now I feel as though I'm thriving, and I look forward to developing my knowledge further within the Access to HE Health and Social Care course.
Emma Parker – Access to HE Health and Social Care

Since the beginning of this course, my confidence and understanding in the subject has skyrocketed. The lessons are detailed, and every session has clear and concise objectives.

I love that I'm able to express my creativity and let loose to work on projects that I want to make. There's no restrictions of creative ability and I feel that gives me the chance to work at my greatest and fullest potential.

The tutors are never afraid of providing extra help and they will give each student individual support which is always understandable and easy to apply.

The course is flexible and fits into my time well, with remarkable resources that are easily accessible at any given time, with achievable deadlines which help me progress, but because the tasks are easy to understand, I am still able to take things at my own pace.
Esme Jones – Access to HE Music Technology

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