Register a new address on an existing street

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

This page gives you advice on registering a new address.

  • New (single/multiple) residential dwelling/s on an existing named or un-numbered street/s
  • Splitting a property into flats or annexes
  • New (single/multiple) business/es or an existing named or un-numbered street/s

Key points to note before applying to register a new address on and existing street

  • Where possible, Cornwall Council will allocate a house number or devise a numbering scheme for a development.
  • Avoid names that have already been used within the local area. Avoid the same names but with a different suffix i.e. naming a house "Chapel House" which sits next door to "Chapel Cottage" and "The Chapel".
  • Do not use offensive, racist, rude, anagrams or numeric names.  
  • Cornwall Council encourages the use of Cornish and/or the local history/heritage when choosing a name.

Register a new addreses on an existing street

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