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The Council has a register of formal planning enforcement actions. We publish regular reports on the workload and activity of the Planning Enforcement team.

Online register of formal planning enforcement action

The online planning register holds details of formal enforcement action. We have complete digital records from 2009. You can find out the case status and dates that any formal enforcement notices were issued. The online register does not hold copies of the enforcement notice.

You can search for a notice using:

  • The address or postcode of the land or property
  • The planning enforcement case number

Search for a formal enforcement actionThe Planning Simple Search window will open up automatically on the 'Applications' button.  To do an enforcement search, please click on the 'Enforcements' button. 

Please contact us if you need information on enforcement notices before 2009.

You need to tell us:

  • the name and address of the land or property you would like enforcement details for
  • a contact number
  • your email or postal address. This is so that we can send the information to you.

If you need a copy of an enforcement notice, there may be a charge for the service. We will discuss potential charges with you once we have received your request.

Request information about formal enforcement action

Quarterly Activity Reports

Links to PDF versions of the quarterly activity reports for the last 12 months are below:

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