Common enforcement enquiries and reasons for a report

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Planning enforcement is a complex process. There are issues that are breaches of planning control that we will investigate. There are many circumstances where we receive a report but are unable to investigate.

These pages will help you understand some common scenarios we deal with and help you decide if you need to report an issue to us.

Common enforcement enquiries - homes and gardens

On this page you can find information on:

Gardens, trees and boundaries

  • Caravan in the garden
  • Garden fencing
  • Structures in a garden
  • Structures or walls being built partly on your land
  • Tree and hedge work
  • Walls or fences on the highway boundary
  • Work to Party walls

Householder issues

  • Extensions or conservatories
  • Roof extensions and dormer windows
  • Running a business from home
  • Satellite dishes

Common enquiries - homes and gardens

Common enforcement enquiries - caravans, property, roads and nuisance

On this page you can find information on:


  • Caravan in the garden
  • Caravan in the open countryside


  • Construction on Sundays and early or late during the week
  • Noise, smell or light nuisance issues from a property

Planning permission check and property issues

  • Find out if planning permission has been granted for a development
  • Ownership of a property or any plot of land, fence or wall
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Unauthorised works on a Listed Building
  • Untidy properties eg graffiti, garden is overgrown or filled with waste

Roads, access and parking

  • Dangerous access onto a busy road
  • Parking area to the front of the property
  • Walls or fences on the highway boundary

Common enquiries - caravans, property, roads and nuisance

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