Organisations providing advice and support


Homes for Ukraine - Cornwall Refugee Resource Network 

Cornwall Refugee Resource Network gives guidance and support for sponsors.


The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership

Lots of information for Ukranians and sponsors

Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF)

Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF) is working closely with other VCSE infrastructure organisations, Cornwall Council and partners to respond to the humanitarian crisis as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 


HealthProm is a UK based charity supporting vulnerable children, women, and families disadvantaged by poor health, disability, and social exclusion. (doesnt really have any useful info for families?)

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross supports people from Ukraine who are in the UK.

They provide lots of information and resources.  They can help you find out about services and support that might be available.

For any more information about British Red Cross, or for emotional support please call the free British Red Cross support line:

0808 196 3651 (open between 10am - 6pm daily).

If you need a support line interpreter, call and say: 'can I speak to an interpreter?'.

  • Якщо вам потрібен перекладач лінії підтримки, зателефонуйте і скажіть: 'can I speak to an interpreter?' (Ukrainian)
  • Если вам нужен переводчик линии поддержки, позвоните и скажите: 'can I speak to an interpreter?' (Russian)

Sanctuary Foundation

Useful resources for those hosting Ukrainian families with babies and young children.

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