Cornish National Minority Working Group

Cornwall Council, Town and Parish, and the Police and Crime Commissioner elections information and results.

Cross-party Councillor membership is as follows:

  • Cllr Julian German
  • Cllr Dick Cole (Chair)
  • Cllr Jesse Foot (Vice-Chair)
  • Cllr Steve Barnes
  • Cllr Bert Biscoe
  • Cllr Malcolm Brown
  • Cllr Martin Eddy
  • Cllr John Pollard
  • Cllr Jordan Rowse

In addition, three Bards have been co-opted to the Working Group:

  • Ian Saltern
  • Mary-Ann Bloomfield
  • William Coleman

The Working Group meets 12 times per annum, with more meetings convened as and when necessary.

What are the terms of reference of the Working Group?

The Cornish National Minority Working Group reports to the Constitution and Governance Committee. Any recommendations the Working Group makes are tabled at the relevant Constitution and Governance Committee meeting. They are then referred to Full Council as appropriate.

The Constitution and Governance Committee has agreed the terms of reference of the Working Group.  These are to:

  • Lead, promote and celebrate Cornish National Minority Status;
  • Support initiatives to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations;
  • Draft and keep updated an action plan to address the provisions of the Framework Convention and monitor its implementation;
  • Provide supporting information for the Advisory Committee Opinion on the UK Government’s compliance reports and formulate responses to future compliance reports as needed;
  • Exercise an advisory role in liaising with the Council of Europe and UK Government on the Framework Convention.

What are the current plans of the Cornish National Minority Working Group?

The Working Group maintains an action plan for its future activities. They hosted the first ever UK-wide National Minority summit in 2019 and continue working closely with Cornwall's MPs to appeal to the UK Government to honour its commitment under the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. 

Members of the Working Group opposed proposals for a cross-border constituency under the Parliamentary Boundary Review 2018. 

In partnership with the Council, the Group continues to press the UK Government for stable central funding for Cornish culture and language.

To note: the planned meeting on 7 April 2020 was cancelled due to the Council's coronavirus pandemic response. Subsequent meetings have been, and continue to be, held virtually via an online platform.

Cornish National Minority Working Group Documents

Current key documents produced by the Working Group:


Agendas and minutes

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