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Helping hand goals

This Helping Hand policy sets out our goals to make sure that everyone can access our services easily, especially if they are in need of a little extra help or support. We have not achieved all the goals yet, but we are working hard to get better.

Who are customers in need of a helping hand?

Everybody is different when it comes to customer service. But some people find it harder to get what they need, or are more badly affected if something goes wrong. They might need a helping hand.

What are common reasons why customers need a helping hand?

People usually need a helping hand because they have a lot to cope with. Some examples are -

  • Financial difficulties, unsuitable housing or unemployment
  • Lack of access to credit, a bank account, phone or internet, or difficulty reading and writing
  • Health and wellbeing issues
  • Big changes in life such as childbirth; divorce; bereavement or being a victim of crime 

Some people are coping with more than one type of challenge e.g. debt and ill health. 

What is our commitment to customers in need of a helping hand?

We want to deliver excellent service, and to show we truly care for every one of our customers. This summary explains some of the goals we are working on at the moment.

Access to services - our goals 

  • provide alternative ways to access information 
  • use plain English 
  • offer a choice of easy methods to contact us - by phone, social media and online – with face to face options to meet the needs of customers in need of a helping hand
  • ensure support for those who cannot or choose not to use the internet
  • make our charged-for services more affordable through concessionary rates or instalment plans where possible
  • offer a choice of ways to pay bills, and take vulnerability into account when we need to recover debt

Suitable services – our goal

  • work together with community groups and customers in need of a helping hand to design and deliver services that really meet their needs

Personalised services – our goals

  • enable customers to tell us information about themselves that might mean they need a personalised service 
  • offer customers the opportunity to nominate “trusted helpers” who are authorised to act on their behalf
  • offer after-service care to customers in need of a helping hand, to check that the service worked for them, where appropriate
  • signpost customers in need of a helping hand to other services and organisations they may find helpful

Staff development – our goals

  • provide customer service training to all our staff
  • maintain a strong staff culture of excellent customer experience for all

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