About Community Networks

What are community networks?

You can read about how the Council and it's partners will deliver its vision for localism in the Localism vision and strategy 2020 document.

Our 19 community networks are the main way we connect with communities and help address important local issues.

Community networks:

  • Identify, agree and drive forward local priorities for their community network area
  • Have their say on local service delivery and on strategies that affect their communities
  • Work together to promote the wellbeing of their local areas and bring communities together
  • Build relationships between the people and organisations working in their communities

This work is led by the community network panels.  There’s one for each community network area.  The panels include the Cornwall councillors and representatives from town and parish councils within the community network area.  The panels are open to the public. They can also invite local organisations and service providers, like the police and health services, to join them at their meetings.

Each community network is supported by a community link officer.  Their role includes working with Cornwall councillors, town and parish councils and other organisations in the community network area.

What do community networks get involved with?

Some of the issues that community networks deal with include anti-social behaviour, economic development, the environment, community planning, regeneration, conservation, community safety, and transport and highway issues.

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