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About Community Area Partnerships

What are Community Area Partnerships?

Our 12 new community area partnerships will bring local organisations and people together.  Their role is to tackle the issues that matter to communities, so everyone can start, live and age well.

The partnerships will start work in summer 2023 and replace the former Community Networks.

They will involve Cornwall Councillors and town and parish councils in each area.  They will also involve other organisations that serve our communities.  These include the Police, health services and voluntary and community sector.

The partnerships will be an influential voice for their communities.  They will engage and involve the public.  They will take action to progress community priorities and support communities to take action to help each other.

A summary of their specific roles is:

  • Partnership Focus. To help organisations work together in communities and get things done.
  • To champion the work of local Town and Parish Councils
  • Community Priority Action Plans. To work with communities to agree the top priorities in their area.  To agree an action plan to progress these priorities and keep communities up to date. Cornwall Council has declared a climate emergency.  We are working to Cornwall becoming carbon neutral by 2030.  We are encouraging Partnerships to prioritise action that will contribute to this goal.
  • Good Growth Programme.  To make recommendations on funding applications to two Good Growth programmes.  One programme is the Community Levelling Up Programme.  This aims to help communities develop their place-shaping ambitions.  The other programme is the Community Capacity Fund.  This helps communities develop project plans.  With a good project plan, communities are then in a better position to apply for delivery funds.
  • Highway Scheme.  To make recommendations on the use of the area-based highways budget.  This budget supports local highway improvement schemes, that improve highway safety and access.
  • Local service delivery, plans and spending.  The Partnerships can look at issues relating to service delivery in their areas.  They can raise comments, concerns and questions about these issues.  The Council and its partners can then take these views into account.   
  • Cornwall Council budget.  The Council carries out a public consultation on its budget each year.  It will consult the Partnerships during this consultation. 
  • Local service changes.  Partnerships will be able to comment on important service changes affecting their area.
  • Cornwall Local Plan.  This is Cornwall Council's planning policy framework.  A review of the plan takes place every five years.  When it reviews the plan, the Council will consult the Partnerships.

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