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Using Cornish

Find information about the ways you can use the Cornish language.

Cornish dictionary

Online Cornish dictionary

Bilingual English–Cornish dictionary. Also available to download as an app. Search for ‘App Gerlyver’ on Google Play or App Store.

Place names

Cornish place names

Discover the history and meaning Cornwall’s place names.

History of the Cornish language

Reviving Cornish website

The history of the Cornish language and the efforts to protect it.

Social use

Speak and hear Cornish being used.

How to get a Cornish translation

The Cornish language is a great way to celebrate Cornish identity. Getting something translated is a fun and meaningful way to support local culture. It also helps us to grow the language. This could be:

  • A favourite phrase or saying
  • A special message for a loved one
  • Naming a business or product
  • Job titles

If you would like to start using Cornish, request a Cornish translation or contact us for advice.

Naming property and new developments

Naming a house using the Cornish language

Have you considered naming your house in Cornish? Whether you’re moving house or looking for something new, we can help. If you already have an idea or theme in mind, let us know and we can provide translations.

Naming a new street or housing development

The Akademi Kernewek provides street signage translations for Cornwall Council. A research service is also available for new developments and street names. This report will recommend translations based on:

  • the local historical heritage
  • natural or landscape features of the local area

For more information read the Street Naming and the Cornish Language fact sheet.

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