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Tregoniggie Woodland

Tregoniggie Woodland is a popular woodland walk in Falmouth. Bickland Water stream runs through the woodland, flowing into Swanpool local nature reserve. It is a great place for exercising the dog, or going on family walks.

This woodland, known locally as The Plantation or The Greenbelt, was formerly part of Tregoniggie Farm. This has since disappeared underneath the Tregoniggie Industrial Estate which adjoins the Woodland.

There are a variety of trees including Alder, Oak, Willow and Hazel. Some of these trees are quite ancient, with a very old Ash, known locally as the Tregoniggie Titan. Lots of wildlife have made their home here (look out for the grey squirrel and one of the many thrushes).

In Spring, there are a mixture of wild and cultivated daffodils. Alongside which you will find other native flowers. Like the lesser Celandine and snake's head Fritillary. Rarely seen growing in the wild, but survives here.

The Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland formed in 2013. Volunteers improved the site by arranging a range of events encouraging community involvement. Activities include tree planting days, path sweeping, litter-picking and cutting back of brambles. Working parties are held on the second and fourth Saturday of the month from 10am - 12 pm (weather permitting). Meet at the Venton Road entrance at 'Two Bridges' over the stream.

To get involved, please contact Euan McPhee:

Everyone involved agrees this woodland should remain at the heart of their community. Why not pay a visit, if not to join a working party, but to enjoy nature as you stroll through this woodland corridor.

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