Culture and Creative Partnerships Team

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The Culture and Creative Partnerships Team is a small team. It is made up of

  • Lea, Senior Cultural and Creative Industries Officer
  • Vicky, Culture Officer and
  • Caitlin, Culture and Creative Parnterships Apprentice

We want to ensure that as many residents as possible in Cornwall can enjoy a great cultural and creative offer. We also want to ensure that cultural organisations, creative industries and creative individuals can thrive in Cornwall. 

We do that in different ways.

One way is to give funding to cultural organisations based in Cornwall. We look after our annual revenues’ grantees (23 grants) and other cultural projects grants (about 20 per year). These grants and overall budgets are very variable from a £10K contribution to bigger budget.  Such as 2.3 million euro for the EXPERIENCE project. Most of the projects we support are match-funded by other funders like the Arts Council England or the European Union. 

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