New Titles for November

Author Title ISBN  
Aaron, Jason        9781302930196
Abnett, Dan        Brink. Book 4 9781781089392
Ahmed, Saladin    Magnificent Ms. Marvel omnibus. Volume 1 9781846533280
Ahmed, Saladin    Spider-Man omnibus. Volume 1 9781846533259
Ajvide Lindqvist, John       I am the tiger 9781529408263
Albom, Mitch      The stranger in the lifeboat 9780751584530
Allen,Louise The duke's counterfeit wife 9780263284348
Allingham, Merryn     Murder on the Pier: A completely unputdownable cozy mystery novel 9781800198869
Anders, Charlie Ja Even greater mistakes 9781789097221
Ashley, Phillipa   A special Cornish Christmas 9780008371661
Ashley, Trisha     One more Christmas at the castle 9781787634725
Ayala, Vita       Children of the atom. Volume 1 9781302921736
Baldacci, David      Mercy 9781529061710
Bancroft, Josiah     The fall of Babel 9780356510866
Barnett, Laura      Gifts 9781474624398
Beckett, Simon      The lost 9781398706903
Bennett, S.J.       A three dog problem 9781838774820
Blake,Maya Reclaimed for his royal bed 9780263282719
Bradford, Barbara Ta A man of honour 9780008242527
Brown, Eric       Murder by numbers 9781448306183
Buckley, Fiona      Forest of secrets 9781448306138
Burrows, Sophie     Crushing 9781788452120
Call, Justin T.  Master artificer 9781473222922
Cameron, Marc       Tom Clancy's Chain of command 9780241481677
Cantwell, Christophe Iron Man. Vol. 2 9781302925529
Carnell, John       Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: the authorized collection 9781596875869
Carver, Will       Psychopaths anonymous 9781913193751
Castle, Jayne      Guild boss 9780349432168
Celestin, Ray        Sunset swing 9781509838974
Clare, Alys       Magic in the weave 9780727890108
Clark, Cassandra  Murder at Beaulieu Abbey 9781448306091
Connelly, Michael    The dark hours 9781409186168
Cornwell, Patricia D Autopsy 9780008467258
Cross, A.J.       A dark, divided self 9780727850362
Cussler, Dirk       Clive Cussler's The devil's sea 9780241552353
Danger, Allison    Blood and motor oil 9781988247793
Darkins,Ellie Prince's Christmas baby surprise 9780263300000
Davies, Martin     Mrs Hudson and the blue daisy affair 9781800325289
Deaver, Jeffery    The midnight lock 9780008303846
Douglas, Louise     The room in the attic 9781802808773
Du Beke, Anton      We'll meet again 9781838774042
Ellis, Bella      The red monarch 9781529363371
Ellis, Kate       A perfect death 9780349424798
England, M.K.       No guts, no glory 9781789098310
Evanovich, Janet      Game on 9781398510128
Ewing, Al         Guardians of the Galaxy by Al Ewing. Vol. 3 9781302928766
Feehan, Christine  Dark tarot 9780349428321
Fellowes, Jessica    The Mitford vanishing 9780751580648
Fennell, Jack       It rose up: a selection of lost Irish fantasy stories 9781916291409
Fitzek, Sebastian  Amok 9781838935856
Fletcher, Giovanna   Walking on sunshine 9781405935609
Fletcher,Jenni Snow-kissed proposals 9780263284362
Follett, Ken        Never 9781529076936
Fuller,Louise The Christmas she married the playboy 9780263282696
Gabaldon, Diana      Go tell the bees that I am gone 9781780894133
Gibson, Neil       The theory. Volume 1 9780995721920
Gill, Elizabeth  The lost child 9781787474659
Gilmore,Jessica Christmas with his cinderella 9780263300017
Glenconner, Anne       A haunting at Holkham 9781529336405
Glover, Nicole     The undertakers 9781529102086
Golding, Melanie    The replacement 9780008293727
Goo, Maurene    Silk 9781302924393
Gray, Lisa       Lonely hearts 9781542021166
Ha Lee, Yoon       The fox's tower and other tales 9781524868130
Hair, David      World's edge 9781529402056
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia    Dying fall 9780727850188
Heller, Peter      The guide 9781474623889
Herron, Mick       Dolphin Junction 9781529371260
Higgins, John       Dreadnoughts: breaking ground 9781781089385
Holt, Anne       A memory for murder 9781786498687
Horst, Jorn Lier  A question of guilt 9780241389591
Ishie, Hachi      Cruella: black, white and red 9781974723478
Jacobs, Anna       A valley secret 9781529353525
Jardine, Quintin    Deadlock 9781472282811
Johnson, Jane       Pillars of light 9781789545319
Johnson, Philip Ken Alien. Vol. 1 9781302926144
Jones, Gwyneth A. Kairos 9781473234666
Kelk, Lindsey    On a night like this 9780008407773
Kent, Tony       No way to die 9781783966059
Kenyon, Nate       The order 9781950366514
Kernick, Simon      Good cop bad cop 9781472271006
Kim, Bo-Young   I'm waiting for you 9780008433833
King,Lucy The billionaire without rules 9780263282726
Klaver, Christian  Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula 9781789097122
Kray, Roberta    Double crossed 9780751576986
Lackey, Mercedes   Beyond 9781789099164
Liu, Ken        The grace of kings 9781800240346
Liu, Ken        The veiled throne 9781784973292
Liu, Ken        The wall of storms 9781800240353
Lloyd, Robert J.  The bloodless boy 9781612199399
MacFarlane, Robert     Ness 9780241986370
MacLeod, Ken        Beyond the hallowed sky 9780356514796
Mallory,Sarah Cinderella and the scarred viscount 9780263284355
Mariani, Scott      The crusader's cross 9780008365554
Marsh, Beezy      Queen of thieves 9781398708938
Marsons, Angela     Stolen Ones: 9781838887377
Martin,Laura The captain's impossible match 9780263284379
McCall Smith, Alexander  Love in the time of Bertie 9781846975721
McLaughlin, Cressida   Christmas carols and a Cornish cream tea 9780008503635
Michie, David      Dalai Lama's Cat Awaken the Kitten Within 9780648866541
Moss, Sarah      The fell 9781529083224
Mukherjee, Abir       The shadows of men 9781787300590
Neuvel, Sylvain    A history of what comes next 9781405945530
Ni, Xueting Ch Sinopicon: new Chinese science fiction 9781781088524
Nicieza, Fabian     X-Men legends. Vol. 1 9781302928049
Niles, Steve      Dio Holy Diver 9781940878638
Nolan, Dominic    Vine Street 9781472288851
Norek, Olivier    Turf wars 9780857059666
O'Keeffe, Alice      Skylark 9781529303407
Older, Daniel Jos The High Republic adventures. Vol. 1 9781846533334
Oldham, Nick       Transfusion 9780727850157
Oliver,Melissa The knight's convenient alliance 9780263284386
Ollerton, Matthew    All or nothing: revenge is a game you can't afford to lose 9781788704939
Oshetsky, Claire     Chouette 9780349014913
Oswald, James      Nowhere to run 9781472290465
Oyeyemi, Helen      Peaces 9780571366576
Patterson, James      Fear no evil 9781529125252
Penelope, L.         Requiem of Silence: Earthsinger Chronicles, Book 4 9781250148131
Picoult, Jodi       Wish you were here 9781473692503
Prior, Hazel      Call of the penguins 9781784166243
Prowse, Amanda     Something quite beautiful 9781801108232
Qureshi, Huma       Things we do not tell the people we love 9781529368673
Reeves, Keanu      BRZRKR. Volume 1 9781684156856
Richardson, Matthew    The insider 9780718183431
Riches, Anthony    Vengeance 9781473628885
Roberts, Nora       The becoming 9780349426419
Rosenfield, Kat        No one will miss her: a novel 9780063057012
Ross, L.J.       Everyday kindness: a collection of uplifting tales to brighten your day 9781912310005
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos     The city of mist 9781474623117
Ryn, Jessica    The imperfect art of caring 9780008364663
Scarrow, Simon      The honour of Rome 9781472258496
Shinick, Kevin      W.e.b. of spider-man 9781302923068
Smith, A.J.       The sword falls 9781786696946
Soule, Charles    War of the bounty hunters 9781302928803
Stackpole, Michael A. Ephyra rising 9781789095807
Stanisic, Sasa       Where you come from 9781787332782
Steel, Danielle   Flying angels 9781529021752
Stephenson, Neal       Termination shock 9780008404369
Stewart, Andrea     The bone shard emperor 9780356514994
Strahan, Jonathan   The year's best science fiction. Volume 2 9781534449626
Swallow, James      Coda. Book 2,;The ashes of tomorrow 9781982158545
Szal, Jeremy     Blindspace 9781473227477
Taylor, Lulu       A winter memory 9781529029680
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     Seal of the worm 9781529050448
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     The air war 9781529050400
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     War master's gate 9781529050424
Templeton, Aline      Old sins 9780749027186
Thomas, Maisie     Christmas with the railway girls 9781787467903
Tremain, Rose       Lily: a tale of revenge 9781784744564
Trow, M.J.       Four thousand days 9781780291345
Vickers, Salley     The gardener 9780241482797
Vieceli, Emma       Coming home 9781787734746
Walker, Betty      Christmas with the Cornish girls 9780008400316
Walker, Martin     Bruno's challenge & other Dordogne tales 9781529418101
Walters, Minette    The swift and the harrier 9781838954529
Ward, J.R.       The wolf 9780349430713
Weaver, Tim        The shadow at the door: four stories, four cases, one connection 9780241541326
Williams, Beatriz    Our woman in Moscow 9780008477950
Williams, Tad        Brothers of the wind 9781473646681
Williams,Cathy Desert king's surprise love-child 9780263282702
Wolitzer, Hilma      Today a woman went mad in the supermarket: stories 9781526638717
Wood, Valerie    Children of fortune 9781787635609
Zahn, Timothy    Lesser evil 9781529150087

Author Title ISBN  
Adkins, Roy          9781408713570
Ai, Weiwei     1000 years of joys and sorrows: a memoir 9781847923509
Akeroyd, Simon      RHS gardening school: everything you need to know to get the most from your garden 9781784728106
Armstrong, Kate       Mexico 9781787017160
Bailey, Maddie     The hidden histories of houseplants: fascinating stories of our most-loved houseplants 9781784884055
Bayley, Stephen    Terence: the man who invented design 9781408715192
Benton, M.J.       Dinosaurs: new visions of a lost world 9780500052198
Bilclough, Annemarie  Beatrix Potter 9781838510138
Birmingham, Kevin      The sinner and the saint: Dostoevsky, a crime and its punishment 9780241235942
Bloom, Paul       The sweet spot: suffering, pleasure and the key to the good life 9781847925756
Borman, Tracy      Crown & sceptre: a new history of the British monarchy, from William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II 9781529339499
Bromfield, Craig      Be good, love Brian: growing up with Brian Clough 9780008466862
Buckhaven, Rob        The alcorithm: a unique flavour guide to find the drinks you'll love 9780241505199
Calasso, Roberto    The book of all books 9780241446720
Chan, Alina      Viral: the search for the origin of Covid-19 9780008487492
Clarkson, Jeremy     Diddly Squat: a year on the farm 9780241464502
Condy, Oliver     Symphonies for the soul: classical music to cure any ailment 9781788403184
Coulthard, Sally      The barn: the lives, landscape and lost ways of an old Yorkshire farm 9781800240858
Cowles, Virginia   Looking for trouble 9780571367542
Dale, Iain       The Presidents: 250 years of American political leadership 9781529379525
Damrosch, David      Around the world in 80 books 9780241501023
Danchev, Alex       Magritte: a life 9781781250778
Davies, Hunter     The Heath: my year on Hampstead Heath 9781838934798
Dawkins, Richard    Flights of fancy: defying gravity by design & evolution 9781838937850
Dettmer, Philipp    Immune: a journey into the mysterious system that keeps you alive 9781529360684
Dillon, Paddy      South West Coast Path Map Booklet - Vol 2: St Ives to Plymouth: 1:25,000 OS Route Mapping 9781852849375
Doggett, Peter      Growing up: sex in the sixties 9781847924285
Dunlop, Tessa      Army girls: the secrets and stories of military service from the final few women who fought in World War II 9781472282088
Eliot, Henry      The penguin modern classics book 9780241441602
Fry, Stephen    Fry's ties 9780241493045
Gant, Andrew     Five straight lines: a history of music 9781781257777
Glazebrook, Louise     The book your dog wishes you would read 9781398704060
Grisham, Stephanie  I'll take your questions now: what I saw at the Trump White House 9780063142930
Hamilton, Maurice    Murray Walker - incredible!: a tribute to a Formula 1 legend 9781787635593
Haskell, James      Ruck me: I've written another book 9780008472221
Hazelgrove, William    One hundred and sixty minutes: the race to save the RMS Titanic 9781633886971
Henry, Lenny      Black British lives matter 9780571368495
Highsmith, Patricia   Diaries and notebooks 9781474617598
Hill, Fiona      There is nothing for you here: finding opportunity in the twenty-first century 9780358574316
Hill, Harry      Fight! 9781529381504
Hirons, Caroline   Skincare: the new edit 9780008517823
Hitchens, Christophe A hitch in time: writings from the London Review of Books 9781838956004
Hoddle, Glenn      Playmaker: my life and the love of football, my autobiography 9780008495343
Iannucci, Armando    Coronaverses 9781408715086
Illsley, John       My life in Dire Straits 9781787634350
Jenkins, Simon      Europe's 100 best cathedrals 9780241452639
Jones, Eddie      Leadership: lessons from my life in rugby 9781529072150
Juniper, Tony       The science of our changing planet 9780241515136
Kapla, Marit      Osebol: voices from a Swedish village 9780241535202
Kus, Mike       The pocket photographer: how to take beautiful photos with your phone 9781913947682
Lee, Jessica    Egypt 9781787018273
Lytollis, Roger      On a pedestal: a trip around Britain's statues 9781472146137
Maisel, Ivan       I keep trying to catch his eye: a memoir of loss, grief, and love 9780306925740
Mariner, Paul       My Rock and Roll Football Story 9781914197284
Middleton, Ant        Mental fitness: 15 rules to strengthen your body and mind 9780008472276
Moorer, Allison    I dream he talks to me: a memoir of learning how to listen 9780306923074
Morris, Jan        Allegorizings 9780571234134
Moss, Stephen    The swan 9781529110371
Muldoon, Paul       Howdie-skelp 9780571365746
Murakami, Haruki     Murakami T: the T-shirts I love 9781787303195
Outlaw, Nathan     Everyday seafood 9781787138339
Palmer, Ned        A cheesemonger's compendium of British & Irish cheese 9781788167154
Patchett, Ann        These precious days 9781526640963
Peaty, Adam       The gladiator mindset 9781529418422
Pepper, Rob        The artist's manual: media, materials, tools, and techniques 9780241483855
Pratchett, Terry      The ultimate Discworld companion 9781473223509
Quantick, David      Quantick's quite difficult quiz book 9781472146243
Sainsbury, Brendan    Cuba 9781787013742
Shipman, Pat        Our oldest companions: the story of the first dogs 9780674971936
Smith, Sean       Harry Styles: the making of a modern man 9780008359522
Smith, Will       Will 9781529124156
Sutton, Mike       Typhoon: the inside story of an RAF fighter squadron at war 9780241535998
Tebbutt, Matt       Weekend: from long lazy lunches to fast family fixes 9781787137530
Theroux, Louis      Theroux the keyhole 9781509880416
Tomalin, Claire     The young H.G. Wells: changing the world 9780241239971
Uglow, Jenny      Sybil & Cyril: cutting through time 9780571354153
West, Adrian     The secret world of stargazing: find solace in the stars 9781529382075
White, Jerry      The battle of London 1939-45 9781847923011
Wood, Victoria   Victoria Wood unseen on TV 9781398707450
Worrall, Frank      Lewis Hamilton: the definitive biography of the greatest racing driver of all time 9781789464627
  Crocheted bags: 25 quick and easy projects to make 9781784946180
  Florida 9780241544297
  Lonely Planet's trip builder 9781838693343
  Painting the beauty queens orange: women's lives in the 1970s 9781912905478
  Simply astronomy 9780241446713
  Simply climate change 9780241516072
  South Africa 9780241474037
  Thailand 9780241544303
  The Peaky Blinders compendium: the official A-Z guide to the world of Peaky Blinders 9781529347579
  The slow cooker bible: super simple feasts for the whole family, including delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes 9780753734926

Author Title ISBN  
Barnett, Mac        What is love? 9781452176406
Bradford, Wade       There's a dodo on the wedding cake 9781406399011
Brahmachari, Sita       When shadows fall 9781788953160
Butterworth, Nick       Trixie: the witch's cat 9781913971151
Butterworth,Nick Jingle bells 9780008498061
Carle, Eric       The Very Hungry Caterpillar's first winter 9780593384107
Carroll, Emma       A night at the Frost Fair 9781471199912
Crisp, Lauren     100 first words 9781838913656
Crossley-Holland, Kevin      Arthur: the always king 9781406378436
Dahl, Sophie     The worst sleepover in the world 9781406384413
Davies, Benji      Snow fun 9781788008983
Daywalt, Drew       Green is for Christmas 9780008496197
Deutsch, Georgiana  Race to the rescue 9781801040341
Dodd, Emma       Wish 9781788007009
Evans, Harriet    Big and little: a book of animal opposites 9781838913205
Farrant, Natasha    The girl who talked to trees 9781800242234
Funke, Cornelia   The silver tracks 9781782693291
Gong, Chloe      Our violent ends 9781529344561
John, Jory       Cat problems 9781529506136
John, Jory       The smart cookie 9780063045408
Lord, Leonie     Super duper penguin slide 9781406393811
Melling, David      Hugless Douglas goes camping 9781444903003
Milbourne, Anna       Just so stories for little children 9781801319621
Milbourne, Anna       The stormy day 9781474989459
Miller, Ben        Diary of a Christmas elf 9781398501836
Morpurgo, Michael    The snowman 9780241526194
O'Hara, Natalia    Frindleswylde 9781406388961
Partis, Joanne     Goodnight Toucan 9781788818452
Patterson, James      City of the Dead 9781529120103
Pullman, Philip     Northern lights 9780702313998
Pullman, Philip     The amber spyglass 9780702314018
Pullman, Philip     The subtle knife 9780702314001
Punter, Russell    The dinosaur who asked what for?"" 9781474994989
Rosen, Michael    Michael Rosen's Sticky McStickstick: the friend who helped me walk again 9781529502404
Sandall, Ellie      Balancing Bernie 9781444946246
Sims, Lesley     The town mouse and the country mouse 9781474999632
Sugg, Zoe        Two for joy 9780241402375
Walliams, David      Gangsta granny strikes again! 9780008262204
Wang, Viola      Hello 9781444948943

Author Title ISBN  
Claybourne, Anna       Future worlds: a guide to the planet of tomorrow 9781838690625
Coombs, Esther     Kids can bake 9781787081109
Cox, Tiger      How to be an explorer: outdoor skills and know-how for young adventurers 9781787081178
Davies, Bryony     Boats! (and other things that float) 9781783126408

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