New titles in October

Discover new titles that are available for October.

Author Title ISBN
Ahmed, Saladin    The clone saga 9781302926014
Akinmade-Akerstrom, Lola       In every mirror she's black 9781801108584
Alward,Donna Mistletoe kiss with the millionaire 9780263299977
Archer, Jeffrey    Over my dead body 9780008474270
Arens,Carol The viscount's Christmas proposal 9780263284324
Atwood, Margaret   Surfacing 9780860680642
Baggot, Mandy      Christmas by the coast 9781800243125
Baldacci, David      The whole truth 9781529043327
Balzo, Sandra     The Big Steep 9780727890580
Banville, John       April in Spain 9780571363582
Bartlett, Claire Eli The winter duke 9781789095388
Bartlett,Jo  A winter's wish for the Cornish midwife 9781800489592
Baxter, Stephen    Galaxias 9781473228856
Beaton, M.C.       Down the hatch 9780349135038
Bechko, Corinna    The expanse 9781684156917
Booth, Claire     Fatal divisions 9781448306077
Bouysse, Franck     Born of no woman 9781474616225
Bowen, Rhys       God rest ye, royal gentlemen 9780440000082
Bramley, Cathy      The Merry Christmas project 9781398701397
Brody, Frances    A murder inside 9780349423104
Brooks, Terry      Child of light 9780593357385
Buckley, Fiona      Shadow of spain 9780727850867
Butler, D.J.       Serpent daughter 9781982125752
Byrne, Monica     The actual star: a novel 9780063002890
Callahan, Patti      Once Upon a Wardrobe: A Story of Narnia and a Sister's Love 9780785251729
Camilleri, Andrea     Riccardino 9781529073300
Camilleri, Andrea     The pyramid of mud 9781529047844
Carey, M.R.       The dollhouse family 9781779513199
Caruso, Melissa    The quicksilver court 9780356513201
Child, Lee        Better off dead 9781787633735
Chiykowski, Peter      The house of untold stories: 50 unexpected tales 9781524864682
Cleveland, Karen      You can run 9781800327016
Clinton, Hillary Ro State of terror 9781529079692
Colgan, Jenny      The Christmas bookshop 9780751584257
Collard, Paul Frase Commander 9781472263476
Collins, Bridget    The haunting season 9780751581973
Colter,Cara The wedding planner's Christmas wish 9780263299960
Cook, Farah      Care for me 9781529364682
Craig, Fergus     Once upon a crime 9780751583823
Crouch, Gabby Hutc Wish you weren't here 9781788423793
Crouch, Julia      New Mother: A completely gripping psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist 9781800196599
Dade, Olivia     All the feels 9780349427980
Dalcher, Christina  Femlandia 9780008440329
Dean, Will       Bad apples 9781786079817
Diamond, Katerina   Trick or treat 9780008484088
Doherty, P.C.       Murder most holy 9781800325654
Doherty, P.C.       The anger of God 9781800325685
Doherty, P.C.       The house of the red slayer 9781800325647
Doyle, Roddy      Life without children: stories 9781787333574
Duggan, Gerry      Savage Avengers. Volume 4 9781302926298
Eldridge, Jim        Murder at the Savoy 9780749027063
Ellis, Lindsay    Truth of the divine 9781789098020
Emery, J.S.       A clockwork river 9781800249929
Franzen, Jonathan   Crossroads 9780008308896
Freed, Alexander  Victory's price 9781529101409
Gardner, Sally      The snow song 9780008217419
Gates, Jaym       Tales from the Mount: a Blue Rose anthology 9781949160703
Gemmell, Nikki      The ripping tree 9780008511074
Gifford, Elisabeth  A woman made of snow 9781838953218
Giles, Harry      Deep wheel Orcadia 9781529066609
Goodwin, Rosie      A simple wish 9781838773533
Grebe, Camilla    The hideout 9781838774356
Green,Abby Bound by her shocking secret 9780263282665
Grisham, John       The judge's list 9781529342383
Guerra, Wendy      I was never the First Lady: a novel 9780062990747
Gunnis, Emily      The midwife's secret 9781472272041
Guran, Paula      Far out: recent queer science fiction and fantasy 9781949102550
Hadfield, Chris      The Apollo murders 9781529406856
Hall, Sarah      Burntcoat 9780571329311
Hancock, Anne Mette The corpse flower 9781643858289
Handler, David      The man who wasn't all there 9781448306107
Harrow, Alix E.    The once and future witches 9780356512501
Hazelwood, Ali        The love hypothesis 9781408725764
Heatherington, Emma       The promise 9780008435141
Hill, Susan      A change of circumstance 9781784742775
Holdt, Thilde Kol Shackled fates 9781781089255
Hourican, Emily      A hint of scandal 9781472274632
Huisman, Violaine   The book of mother 9780349012339
Iles, Mark       Gardens of Earth 9781911409854
Ison, Graham     Hardcastle's secret agent 9781448306060
Iturbe, Antonio    The prince of the skies 9781529063332
Jacobs, Anna       A very special Christmas 9780749027674
Jacobs, Anna       The Corrigan legacy 9780749027636
Jesmond, Jane       On the edge 9780857308160
Johnson, Milly      The woman in the middle 9781471198991
Justiss,Julia The explorer baroness 9780263284300
Kapoor, Deepti     Age of Vice 9780708898888
Keegan, Claire     Small things like these 9780571368686
Keer, Jenni      The secrets of Hawthorn Place 9781472286734
Kendrick,Sharon Confessions of his Christmas housekeeper 9780263282658
Kinsella, Sophie     The party crasher 9781787632455
Kirk, J.D.       Northwind 9781912767489
Klune, Tj         Under the whispering door 9781529087970
Kuang, R.F.       The burning god 9780008339180
Kunsken, Derek      The quantum war 9781781089248
Kuzniar, M.A.       Midnight in Everwood 9780008450663
Lanchester, John       Reality and other stories 9780571363018
Latimer, Rupert     Murder after Christmas 9780712353892
Lb, Jade       Keisha the sket 9781529118919
Le Carre, John       Silverview 9780241550069
Lewis, Maria      The rose daughter 9780349427232
Lively, Penelope   Metamorphosis: selected stories 9780241514764
Lovegrove, James      Sherlock Holmes & the three winter terrors 9781789096712
MacOmber, Debbie     Dear Santa 9780751581164
Malliet, G.M.       Death in Cornwall 9780727850386
Mangan, Lucy       Are we having fun yet? 9781788161084
Marston, Edward     Orders to kill 9780749026998
Mason, Amanda     The hiding place 9781838771966
Masters, Priscilla  A game of minds 9781448306053
Mattson, James Han  Reprieve 9781526635563
Merrill,Christine Regency Christmas liaisons 9780263284287
Middleton, Ant        Cold justice 9780751580433
Miller, Catherine  Home fires at Ambridge 9781471195525
Morgan, Sarah      The Christmas escape 9781848458444
Morris, Heather    Three sisters 9781838772628
Nesser, Hakan      The lonely ones 9781509892280
Netley, Rebecca    The whistling 9780241533994
Newland, Courttia   Cosmogramma 9781786897091
Palmer, Ada        Perhaps the stars 9781786699602
Papathanasiou, Peter      The stoning: a twisting, blisteringly atmospheric outback crime debut 9781529416978
Paretsky, Sara       Love & other crimes: stories 9781529355109
Penny, Louise     A rule against murder 9781529388220
Penny, Louise     Bury your dead 9781529386820
Penny, Louise     Still life 9781529386691
Penny, Louise     The beautiful mystery 9781529386349
Penny, Louise     The brutal telling 9781529386776
Penny, Louise     The cruellest month 9781529386738
Perry, Anne       A Christmas legacy 9781472275127
Posey, Jay        Every star a song 9780008327170
Pratchett, Terry      Hogfather 9780552177306
Preston,Janice The penniless debutante 9780263284317
Pride, Christine  We are not like them 9780008334567
Rayne, Sarah      The murder dance 9780727850126
Rees, Tracy      Little Christmas House: An absolutely unputdownable Christmas romance 9781800197114
Revell, Nancy      Shipyard Girls under the mistletoe 9781787464292
Rhodes, Kate       Devil's table 9781471189913
Rice,Heidi The billionaire's proposition in Paris 9780263282689
Ripley, Mike       Mr Campion's wings 9780727850409
Roberts, Adam       Purgatory mount 9781473230958
Robinson, Kim Stanle The ministry for the future 9780356508863
Sapkowski, Andrzej    Warriors of God 9781473226166
Schwab, Victoria   The invisible life of Addie LaRue 9781789098921
Scott,Bronwyn Lord Tresham's tempting rival 9780263284294
Singh, Nalini     Archangel's light 9781473231467
Smart,Michelle Unwrapped by her Italian boss 9780263282672
Spencer, Sally      The company 9781448306114
Stockwin, Julian     Thunderer 9781473698840
Strout, Elizabeth  Oh William!: a novel 9780241508176
Studler, Brian      Grimm tales of terror. The Bridgewater Triangle 9781951087067
Swain, Heidi      Underneath the Christmas tree 9781471195846
Swallow, James      Outlaw 9781838774615
Swan, Karen      Midnight in the snow 9781529006148
Taylor, Jodi       Hard time 9781472273185
Taylor, Jodi       Saving time 9781472273239
Thomas, Jo         Celebrations at the chateau 9780552176873
Thompson, Tade       Far from the light of heaven 9780356514321
Towles, Amor       The Lincoln Highway 9781786332523
Tuomainen, Antti      The rabbit factor 9781913193874
Walter, Susan      Good as dead: a novel 9781542029025
Ward, Dayton     Moments asunder 9781982158521
Wexler, Django     Blood of the chosen 9781788543224
Wilson, A.N.       The king and the Christmas tree 9781786580900
Zamiatin, Evgenii Iv We 9781838852368
Zdarsky, Chip       Doing time. Part one 9781302926090
Zelazny, Roger      Eye of cat 9781596879652
Zelazny, Roger      This immortal 9781596870741

Author Title ISBN
Abidi, Maliha     Rise: extraordinary women of colour who changed the world 9780863561375
Allen, Rachel     Soup broth bread 9780241486290
Armitage, Simon      The owl and the nightingale 9780571357291
Atkins, Eileen     Will she do?: act one of a life on stage 9780349014661
Attenborough, David      Living planet: the web of life on earth 9780008477820
Auster, Paul       Burning boy: the life and work of Stephen Crane 9780571353354
Balls, Richard    Furious Devotion: The Authorised Story of Shane MacGowan 9781787601086
Barnes, John       The uncomfortable truth about racism 9781472290380
Beckett, Rob        A class act: life as a working-class man in a middle-class world 9780008468187
Berry, Mary       Love to cook 9781785946776
Bishop, Patrick    Operation Jubilee: Dieppe, 1942, the folly and the sacrifice 9780241389669
Bouverie, Tim        Perfect pitch: 100 pieces of classical music to know and love 9781780725284
Brazier, Lucy       Christmas at River Cottage 9781408873564
Clary, Julian     The lick of love: how dogs changed my life 9781529412505
Cohen, Andrew     The Universe 9780008389321
Collins, Joan       My unapologetic diaries 9781474621274
Connolly, Billy      Windswept & interesting: my autobiography 9781529318265
Cooper, Daisy May  Don't laugh, it'll only encourage her 9780241503584
Cumming, Alan       Baggage: tales from a fully packed life 9781838856632
D'Acampo, Gino       Gino's Italian family adventure 9781526628312
Daley, Tom        Coming up for air 9780008217914
De Vise, Daniel     King of the blues: the rise and reign of B.B. King 9781611856545
Dee, Jack       What is your problem? 9781529413366
Dent, Susie      Word perfect: etymological entertainment every day 9781529371314
Dettori, Frankie    Leap of faith 9780008465469
Ellis-Bextor, Sophie     Spinning plates 9781529363784
Ellsworth-Jones, Will       Banksy: the man behind the wall 9780711264328
Evaristo, Bernardine Manifesto: on never giving up 9780241534991
Evra, Patrice    I love this game: the autobiography 9781471170843
Flatman, David      Flats and Durders offload: rugby laid bare 9781398507104
Flintoff, Andrew     The book of Fred 9781788704885
Freedman, Harry      Leonard Cohen: the mystical roots of genius 9781472987273
Fry, Hannah     Rutherford & Fry's complete guide to absolutely everything*: *abridged 9781787632639
Fury, Paris      Love & Fury: the magic and mayhem of life with Tyson 9781529346190
George, Kadija     This is the canon: decolonise your bookshelves in 50 books 9781529414592
Gibberd, Matt       A modern way to live: life lessons from the modern house 9780241480496
Gillespie, Bobby      Tenement kid 9781474622066
Gluck, Louise     Winter recipes from the collective 9781800171800
Gray, Tanis      Knitting magic: an official Harry Potter knitting pattern book 9781911682462
Grohl, David      The storyteller: tales of life and music 9781398503700
Grylls, Bear       Never give up 9781787634190
Halfon, Simon      Oasis - supersonic: the complete, authorised and uncut interviews 9781472285447
Hammond, Alison     You've got to laugh: stories from a life lived to the full 9781787635272
Hastings, Max        Soldiers: great stories of war and peace 9780008454227
Heap, Tom        39 ways to save the planet 9781785946974
Humes, Rochelle   At mama's table: easy & delicious meals from my family to yours 9781785043758
Hussain, Nadiya     Nadiya's fast flavours 9780241453223
Ince, Robin      The importance of being interested: adventures in scientific curiosity 9781786492623
Jenner, Greg       Ask a historian: 50 surprising answers to things you always wanted to know 9781474618618
Jha, Amishi     Peak mind: find your focus, own your attention, invest 12 minutes a day 9780349424965
Karstad, Mikkel     Nordic family kitchen: seasonal home cooking 9783791387413
Kimber, Edd        One tin bakes easy 9780857839787
King, Si         The Hairy Bikers' everyday winners 9781841884318
Kolisi, Siya       Rise 9780008431334
Krake, Frank      The last survivor 9781841885254
Krieger, Robby      Set the night on fire: lying, dying and playing guitar with the Doors 9781474624176
Lumley, Joanna     A queen for all seasons: a celebration of Queen Elizabeth II on her platinum jubilee 9781529375923
Lynch, Evanna     The opposite of butterfly hunting: a memoir. 9781472283016
Mallinson, Allan      The shape of battle: six campaigns: Hastings to Helmand 9781787632417
Martin, Guy        Dead men don't tell tales 9781529108927
Martin, James      Butter: over 130 recipes celebrating butter 9781787138223
McGuinness, Paddy      My lifey 9781529109351
McIntyre, Michael    A funny life 9781529063653
Morley, Paul       From Manchester with love: written in 51 sections that prove how all dramatic truth contains fiction 9780571252497
Ogilvy, Susan      Nests 9780241481714
Owen, Amanda     Celebrating the seasons with the Yorkshire Shepherdess 9781529056853
Owens, Mark       Cry of the Kalahari 9781472156464
Patterson, James      ER nurses 9781529125511
Pettegree, Andrew     The library: a fragile history 9781788163422
Polman, Paul       Net positive: how courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take 9781647821302
Pope, Rob        Becoming Forrest: one man's epic run across America 9780008472511
Powell, Des        SAS Bravo Three Zero 9781529414127
Ramsay, Gordon     Ramsay in 10: delicious recipes made in a flash 9781529364385
Reeve, Simon      Journeys to impossible places: in life and every adventure 9781529364019
Reisman, Jonathan   The unseen body: a doctor's journey through the hidden wonders of human anatomy 9781472289391
Roach, Mary       Animal vegetable criminal: when nature breaks the law 9781786078346
Ryder, Shaun      How to be a rock star 9781838953249
Seal, Mark       Leave the gun, take the cannoli: the epic story of the making of the Godfather 9781982158590
Sedaris, David      A carnival of snackery: diaries 9781408707852
Slater, Nigel      A cook's book: the essential Nigel Slater 9780008213763
Spiegelhalter, D.J.       COVID by numbers: your questions answered 9780241547731
Springsteen, Bruce      Renegades: dreams, myths, music 9780241561249
Strawbridge, Dick       Living the chateau dream 9781841885353
Strawbridge, James      The complete vegetable cookbook: a seasonal, zero-waste guide to cooking with vegetables 9780241500941
Sutton, Paula      Hill house living: the art of creating a joyful life 9781529109658
Towle, Michael    Century of Reading 9781839757839
Tucci, Stanley    Taste: my life through food 9780241500996
Tufnell, Phil       How not to be a cricketer 9781471194559
Valentine, Helen      Laura Knight - a working life 9781912520367
Wareing, Marcus     Marcus' kitchen: my favourite recipes to inspire your home-cooking 9780008460969
Wellesley, Mary       Hidden hands: the lives of manuscripts and their makers 9781529400939
Whitehall, Jack       How to survive family holidays 9780751583892
Willoughby, Holly      Reflections 9781529135718
Wimble-Groves, Jo         Rise of the girl: seven empowering conversations to have with your daughter 9780241506844
Wright, John       A spotter's guide to countryside mysteries: from piddocks and lynchets to witch's broom 9781788168267
Ypi, Lea        Free: coming of age at the end of history 9780241481851
Zuckerman, Gregory    A shot to save the world: the remarkable race and ground-breaking science behind the Covid-19 vaccines 9780241531709
  Banana breads, loaf cakes & other quick bakes: 60 deliciously easy recipes for home baking 9781788793803
  My nonidentical twin: what I'd like you to know about living with Tourette's 9780751584066
  The Black history book 9780241512982
  The rough guide to the 100 best places in the USA 9781789196917

Author Title ISBN
Arrhenius, Ingela P.  Where's Mr Polar Bear 9781839943096
Bacon, Lee        Imaginary 9781419746642
Baddiel, David      (The boy who got) accidentally famous 9780008334253
Badoe, Yaba       Lionheart girl 9781789540857
Bedford, David      Banned! 9781789980905
Bedford, David      Masters of soccer 9781789980912
Bedford, David      Superteam 9781789980899
Biddulph, Rob        An Odd Dog Christmas 9780008413354
Blade, Adam       Monster from the Void 9781408357910
Blake, Quentin    Three little monkeys at Christmas 9780008357924
Burgess, Melvin     Count 9781783449880
Campbell, Jen        The sister who ate her brothers: and other gruesome tales 9780500652589
Carle, Eric       The Very Hungry Caterpillar eats breakfast: a counting book 9780593226933
Child, Lauren     Think like an elf 9780008470845
Colfer, Eoin       The Fowl twins get what they deserve 9780008475246
Corderoy, Tracey     Santa's stolen sleigh 9781788007764
Cousins, Lucy       Hello, Little Fish!: with a mirror surprise 9781406385939
Cowan, Laura      Poppy and Sam's favourite fairy tales 9781474995696
Dahl, Roald      On the first day of Christmas 9780241492888
Davies, Nicola     The song that sings us 9781913102777
Daynes, Katie      How does it work? 9781474989886
De Castell, Sebastien  Fall of the Argosi 9781471410581
Donaldson, Julia      Squirrel's snowman 9781529034370
Donaldson, Julia      The Christmas pine 9780702310164
Doyle, Catherine  The miracle on Ebenezer Street 9780241435250
Doyle, Malachy    Molly and the shipwreck 9781913733919
Dunbar, Joyce      Lo and behold! Mouse & Mole 9781914079658
Farnaby, Simon      The warrior in my wardrobe: more misadventures with Merdyn the wild! 9781444958805
Ferri, Jean-Yves  Asterix and the griffin 9780751583984
Fitzpatrick, Noel       Vetman and his bionic animal clan 9781444965902
Fletcher, Tom        The Christmasaurus 9780241466551
Fletcher, Tom        The Christmasaurus and the naughty list 9780241407356
Funke, Cornelia   The Aurelia curse 9781911077985
Gibbons, Francesca  Beyond the mountains 9780008355081
Griffiths, Andy       The 143-storey treehouse 9781529047875
Haig, Matt       A mouse called Miika 9781838853686
Henry, Lenny      The boy with wings 9781529067835
Howard, Paul       Lions roar 9781844885299
Hussain, Nadiya     Spreading my wings 9781444957464
Jansson, Tove       Moominland midwinter 9781908745996
Jeffers, Oliver     There's a Ghost in This House 9780008298357
Jones, Richard    Little bear 9781398502482
Kinney, Jeff       Big shot 9780241396650
Lambert, Jonny      Jonny Lambert's Bear and Bird learn to share 9780241467534
Larwood, Kieran     Uki and the Ghostburrow 9780571342853
Maniscalco, Kerri      Kingdom of the cursed 9781529350500
McKee, David      My first Elmer Christmas 9781839130540
Muncaster, Harriet    Isadora Moon and the shooting star 9780192773555
Pichon, Liz        Random acts of fun 9781407191119
Pullman, Philip     Lyra's Oxford 9780241509968
Pullman, Philip     The subtle knife 9780702310423
Rauf, Onjali Q.  The lion above the door 9781510106758
Riordan, Rick       Daughter of the deep 9780241538166
Rowling, J.K.       The Christmas pig 9781444964912
Saenz, Benjamin A Aristotle and Dante dive into the waters of the world 9781398505278
Sims, Lesley     The nativity 9781801314831
Smith, Jennifer E The creature of Habit 9780593173053
Sperring, Mark       Jingle smells 9781526636805
Tosdevin, Frances    The bear and her book 9781912979608
Yarlett, Emma       It's mine! 9781406392180
  The very hungry caterpillar and Father Christmas 9780241527634

Author Title ISBN  
Anthony, William    Plants 9781839278396
Aves, Edward     What's the point of science? 9780241381847
Bee, William    William Bee's wonderful world of things that go! 9781843654735
Butterfield, Moira      My big book of transport 9781406386844
Day, Rosie      Instructions for a teenage Armageddon: 30+ kick-ass women on how to take over the world 9781526364180
Dolan, Hannah     How to build LEGO cars 9780241506332
Dolan, Hannah     How to build LEGO houses 9780241506271
Faber, Polly      All through the night: people who work while we sleep 9781839943355
Fullman, Joe        The world book 9781783126118
Gogerly, Liz        Save the seas! 9781445173917
Halligan, Katherine  Sunday fun day: a nature activity for every weekend of the year 9781788009058
Happer, Richard    The world's most amazing places: 1000 incredible facts 9780008480134
Henry-Allain, Laura      My skin, your skin 9780241512739
Hughes, Shirley    Round and round the garden: a first book of nursery rhymes 9781406390315
Karmel, Annabel    Annabel Karmel's fun, fast & easy children's cookbook 9781787398160
Kay, Jim        Harry Potter: a magical year 9781526640871
Lacey, Jane       Romans: get hands-on with history 9781445177298
Lacey, Jane       Tudors: get hands-on with history 9781445177281
March, Julia      Mighty LEGO mechs 9780241521786
Mills, Andrea     On this day 9780241471203
Moate, Maddie     Stuff 9780241489437
Morpurgo, Michael    Carnival of the animals: a whole new world of animal poems 9780008459826
Nelson, Louise     Life cycle of a plastic bottle 9781839273599
Pallant, Katrina    Where's the tiger?: search and find 9781405299886
Pankhurst, Kate       Fantastically great women: true stories of ambition, adventure and bravery 9781526623607
Patel, Parshati   My book of stars and planets 9780241485781
Rodgers, Frances    Rory the garden bird 9780241534496
Rooney, Anne       The dinosaur book 9781838694647
Sterling, Holly      I am calm: a first book of mindfulness 9781838991425
Symes, Sally      Britannica first big book of why 9781913750411
Twiddy, Robin      Living zero waste 9781839278501

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