New titles in June

Discover new titles that are available for June.

Author Title ISBN
Adams, Jane       Bright young things 9780727850133
Ahmed, Saladin    Ms. Marvel. Vol. 3 9781302925000
Allan, Nina       The good neighbours 9781529405170
Alpsten, Ellen      Tsarina 9781526606440
Anam, Tahmima    The startup wife 9781838852481
Anderson, Ros        The hierarchies 9781911585787
Ansari, Zeeba      The hut 9781800462458
Arlidge, M.J.       Truth or dare 9781409188452
Aryan, Stephen    The coward 9780857668882
Ashcroft, Jenny      Under the golden sun 9780751573251
Ashenden,Jackie The innocent carrying his legacy 9780263282528
Asher, Neal L.    Jack Four 9781529049978
Ashley, Phillipa   An endless Cornish summer 9780008371630
Ashworth, Jenn       Ghosted: a love story 9781529336764
Austin, Stephanie  The Dartmoor murders 9780749027902
Baggot, Mandy      Staying out for the summer 9781800243095
Baldacci, David      Daylight 9781509874576
Bannister, Jo         China roses 9780727850652
Barnett, S.K.       Safe 9781787464872
Beech, Louise     This is how we are human 9781913193713
Bell,Heatherly Winning Mr Charming 9780263299830
Bennett, S.J.       The Windsor knot 9781838774318
Bentley, Don        Tom Clancy's target acquired 9780241481691
Blake, Michael    Dances with wolves: The holy road 9781838935900
Blake,Maya The Greek's hidden vows 9780263282511
Brandon, Jay        From the grave 9781780291833
Brett, Simon      An untidy death 9781780291284
Brodie, Emma       Songs in Ursa Major 9780008435264
Broom, Isabelle   The getaway 9781529325140
Brown, Eric       Murder at Standing Stone Manor 9780727850560
Brown, Natasha    Assembly 9780241515709
Buchan, Elizabeth  Two women in Rome 9781786495327
Cameron, Miles      Artifact space 9781473232600
Campbell, Jack       Boundless 9781789096576
Cantrell, Christian  Scorpion 9780241371329
Carey, C.J.       Widowland 9781529411980
Cave, Jessie     Sunset 9781787395299
Cho, Zen        Black water sister 9781447299998
Clare, Alys       The indigo ghosts 9781780291840
Claremont, Chris      Captain Marvel vs. Rogue 9781302926519
Claremont, Chris      Shang-Chi 9781302927776
Clinton, Bill       The president's daughter 9781529125665
Colgan, Jenny      Sunrise by the sea 9780751580358
Corry, Jane       The lies we tell 9780241989005
Cox, Edward     The wood bee queen 9781473226869
Craven, M.W.       Dead ground 9781472131973
Crouch, Gabby Hutc Glass coffin 9781788421478
Delany, Samuel R.  Driftglass 9780241510575
Dennard, Susan      Witchshadow 9781529030310
Dhand, A.A.       The blood divide 9781787631762
Dinsdale, Robert     Paris by starlight 9781529100471
Dryden, Walker     The city of a thousand faces 9781409187035
Dryden, Walker     The poison throne 9781409187066
Durrell, Lawrence   The revolt of Aphrodite: Tunc and Nunquam 9780571362448
Edwards, Rachel     Lucky 9780008364564
Eldridge, Jim        Murder at Madame Tussauds 9780749027759
Ewing, Al         We only find them when they're dead. Vol. 1 9781684156771
Ewing, Eve L.     Champions 9781302922900
Fenwick, Liz        The river between us 9780008290573
Fields, D.K.       The stitcher and the mute 9781789542547
Fletcher,Jenni A marriage made in secret 9780263284072
Fortin, Sue        The forgotten life of Arthur Pettinger 9781800243767
Fredsti, Dana       Tempus fury 9781785654565
Galgut, Damon      The promise 9781784744069
Gill, Elizabeth  The miller's daughter 9781787473454
Glenconner, Anne       Murder on Mustique 9781529336382
Glendenning, Anna       An experiment in leisure 9781784743970
Goldsworthy, Adrian Kei The fort 9781789545746
Green, Matthew    Twenty-one truths about love 9780349424743
Griffin, Rachel     Nature of Witches 9781728245287
Grigsby, Sean       Flame riders 9780857669018
Halls, Stacey     Mrs England 9781838772864
Hamilton, Peter F.   Night without stars 9781529059175
Hamilton, Peter F.   The abyss beyond dreams 9781529059168
Hamilton, Peter F.   The saints of salvation 9781509844661
Haran, Maeve      A very French wedding 9781529035186
Harpman, Jacqueline I who have never known men 9781784877200
Harris, Joanne     Honeycomb 9781473213999
Harris, Nathan     The sweetness of water 9781472274373
Harris, Sarah J.   One ordinary day at a time 9780008377335
Harris, Zakiya Dal The other Black girl 9781526630377
Harrison, Cora       Murder in an orchard cemetery 9780727890405
Harrison, Cora       Winter of despair 9781780291758
Harrison, Harry      Make room! Make room! 9780241507704
Hausmann, Romy       Sleepless 9781529408324
Hayes-Mccoy, Felicity   The year of lost and found 9781529361056
Heath,Virginia The marquess next door 9780263284041
Hechtman, Betty      Writing a wrong 9780727890191
Henry, Veronica   A day at the beach hut: stories and recipes inspired by seaside life 9781409195818
Hensher, Philip     The golden age of British short stories, 1890-1914 9780241434314
Hickman, Jonathan   Dawn of X. Vol. 16 9781302927738
Hilary, Sarah      Fragile 9781529029444
Hilderbrand, Elin       Golden girl 9781529374810
Hilton, Matt       Collision course 9781780291857
Hughes, Kim        Operation black key 9781471183607
Humphreys, Chris      The coming of the dark 9781473226074
Jacobs, Anna       Mara's choice 9780749026165
Jafari, Sara       The mismatch 9781787465015
James, E.L.       Freed 9781787468085
Jecks, Michael    Death comes hot 9781780291765
Johnson, Debbie     The moment I met you 9781409188032
Jones, Sandie     The guilt trip 9781529033083
Justiss,Julia The railway countess 9780263284058
Keily,Tamsin The surprising days of Isla Pembroke 9781409191063
Kendrick,Sharon Secrets of cinderella's awakening 9780263282498
Kennedy, Margaret   The feast 9780571367795
Khan, Ausma Zeha The bladebone 9780008171759
King, Laurie R.  Castle shade 9780749027469
Kingsbury, Karen      A distant shore: a novel 9781982104351
Knox, Joseph     True crime story: a novel 9780857527707
Kubica, Mary       Local woman missing 9781848458420
Lacey,Helen The night that changed everything 9780263299823
Levene, Rebecca    The sun's devices 9781444753783
Linsteadt, Sylvia     Tatterdemalion 9781783529568
Lowe, Katie      The murder of Graham Catton 9780008289027
MacKintosh, Clare      Hostage 9780751577068
MacNiven, Robbie     First team 9781839080623
Mangan, Christine  Palace of the drowned 9781408713648
Mark, David John Borrowed time 9781780291864
Martin,Madeline How to wed a courtesan 9780263284065
Mascarenhas, Kate       The thief on the winged horse 9781789543834
Mason, Meg        Sorrow and bliss 9781474622974
Matthews, G.R.       Seven deaths of an empire 9781781089132
McCracken, Elizabeth  The souvenir museum 9781787333628
McGrath, Mel        Two wrongs 9780008336875
McKenna, Claire     Deepwater king 9780008337179
McPartlin, Anna       Waiting for the miracle 9781838773885
Michaelides, Alex       The Maidens 9781409181668
Miller, Zoe        The perfect sister 9781529385052
Moore, Liz        The words of every song 9781786091147
Moran, Katy       Scandalous alchemy 9781786695420
Nell, Joanna     The great escape from Woodlands Nursing Home 9781529349320
Newman, T. J.      Falling 9781398507241
Nickson, Chris      Brass lives 9780727890887
Norman, John       Avengers of Gor 9781504067140
O'Connor, Daniel     Nothing 9781474615303
O'Keefe, Megan E.   Catalyst gate 9780356512259
Oliver,Melissa The return of her lost knight 9780263284096
Olsen, Gregg      The hive 9781542016469
Onuzo, Chibundu   Sankofa 9780349013152
Pacheco, Karla      Spider-Woman. Vol. 2 9781302927523
Pade,Victoria The major gets it right 9780263299816
Page, Libby      The island home 9781409188261
Peace, David      Tokyo redux 9780571232000
Pearce, A.J.       Yours cheerfully 9781509853946
Pears, Tim        Chemistry and other stories 9781526623379
Pearse, Lesley     Suspects 9780241426623
Prowse, Amanda     Waiting to begin 9781542023436
Quartuccio, Sal        Jungle tails. Volume 3 9780865620247
Quinn, Julia      Brighter than the sun 9780349430614
Quinn, Julia      Everything and the moon 9780349430607
Quinn, Julia      The lady most likely 9780349430621
Quinn, Julia      The lady most willing... 9780349430638
Ramsay, Caro       The cursed girls 9781838853808
Reid, Ava        The wolf and the woodsman 9781529100730
Rice, Heidi      Just like in the movies 9780008372583
Rice,Heidi One wild night with her enemy 9780263282504
Ridgway, Keith      A shock 9781529064797
Roberts, Nora       A man for Amanda 9780727890665
Robotham, Michael    When you are mine 9780751581560
Roslund, Anders     Knock knock 9781787302457
Ross, Alex       Marvel 9781302920920
Ross, L.J.       The rock 9781912310180
Rous, Emma       The perfect guests 9780349419121
Rudnick, Paul       Playing the palace 9780593099414
Sacks, Ethan      Bounty hunters. Vol. 2 9781302920845
Saint, Tarun K.   New horizons: a South Asian science fiction anthology 9781473228689
Sawyer, Kate       The stranding 9781529340662
Shalvis, Jill       Love for beginners 9781472284402
Sharp, Ste        Survival machines 9781789651270
Shriver, Lionel     Should we stay or should we go 9780008458553
Silverberg, Robert     Needle in a timestack 9781473229204
Slaughter, Karin      False witness 9780008303501
Spark,Muriel  Memento mori 9780811223041
Steadman, Catherine  The disappearing act 9781471189784
Suri, Tasha      The jasmine throne 9780356515649
Taddeo, Lisa       Animal 9781526630940
Taylor, Brandon    Filthy animals 9781911547983
Taylor, Tom        Seven secrets. Volume 1 9781684157068
Thayne,Raeanne A brambleberry summer 9780263299809
Thomas, Jo         Chasing the Italian dream 9780552176866
Thompson, Kelly      King Deadpool. Volume 2 9781302921040
Thomson, Rupert     Barcelona dreaming 9781472153548
Tiptree, James JR.  Warm worlds and otherwise 9780241509753
Toon, Paige      Someone I used to know 9781471198526
Truss, Lynne      Psycho by the sea 9781526609878
Tucker, Nancy      The first day of spring 9781786332387
Tyner,Liz A Cinderella for the viscount 9780263284089
Verde, Eva        Lives like mine 9781398502826
Veronesi, Sandro     The hummingbird 9781474617468
Vine, Lucy       Bad choices 9781409180913
Wassmer, Julie      Strictly murder 9781472134448
Whitten, Hannah     For the wolf 9780356516363
Winman, Sarah      Still life 9780008283353
Winter, Evan       The fires of vengeance 9780356513003
Wisniewski-Snerg, Adam       Robot 9780241485118
Wood, Trevor     One way street 9781787478381
Wragg, David      The righteous 9780008331443
Yang, Gene Luen  Brothers & sisters 9781846532948
  Eve 9780349010694
  The girl who died 9780241400128

Author Title ISBN
Abraham, Amelia     We can do better than this: 40 voices on the future of LGBTQ+ rights 9781529113303
Akbar, Arifa      Consumed: a sister's story 9781529347524
Arthur, Charles    Social warming: the dangerous and polarising effects of social media 9781786079978
Ashby, Chloe      Look at this if you love great art: 100 essential artworks that really matter 9780711256064
Barnett, Emma       Period 9780008308117
Black, Jeremy     France: a short history 9780500252505
Blackwell, Steph      The joy of baking: the everyday zen of watching bread rise 9781529416022
Bowlby, Jo         A book for life: 10 steps to inner happiness 9781529340174
Brach, Tara       Trusting the gold: learning to nurture your inner light 9781846046995
Brown, Gordon     Seven ways to change the world: how to fix the most pressing problems we face 9781398503618
Bunton, Emma       Mama you got this: a little helping hand for new parents 9781529104561
Candy, Lorraine   What's wrong with you?: how to survive the tweens to the twenties 9780008407216
Carli, Claudia    As long as I hope to live: the true story of the Jewish girl Alida Lopes Dias (1929-1943), her friendship album and all the girls who wrote in it 9781529385922
Cleghorn, Elinor     Unwell women: a journey through medicine and myth in a man-made world 9781474616850
Cole, Tim        About Britain: a journey of seventy years and 1,345 miles 9781472937261
Corbett, Charlie    12 birds to save your life: nature's lessons in happiness 9780241503331
Deisseroth, Karl       Connections: a story of human feeling 9780241381861
Dennison, Matthew    The Queen 9781788545914
Diaz-Fuentes, Edson      Ciudad de Mexico: recipes and stories from the heart of Mexico City 9781784883935
Fermor, Patrick Le The broken road: from the iron gates to Mount Athos 9781529369519
Ford, Ashley C.  Somebody's daughter 9781786581297
Fox, Margalit   The confidence men: how two prisoners of war engineered the most remarkable escape in history 9781788162715
Gatti, Tom        Long players: writers on the albums that shaped them 9781526625786
Gibbs, Sara       Drama queen 9781472274342
Harrison, Sophie     The cure for good intentions: a doctor's story 9781408713006
Hibbard, James      The art of cycling 9781529410266
Holding, Michael    Why we kneel, how we rise 9781398503236
Hunger, Christina  How Stella learned to talk: the groundbreaking story of the world's first talking dog 9781529053876
Husband, John       A-Z of Truro: places, people, history 9781445696416
Jahner, Harald     Aftermath: life in the fallout of the Third Reich, 1945-1955 9780753557860
James, Tyler      My Amy 9781529042153
Jandial, Rahul      Life on a knife's edge: a brain surgeon's reflections on life, loss and survival 9780241461822
Janega, Eleanor    The Middle Ages: a graphic history 9781785785917
Jorgenson, Dave       Make a TikTok every day: 365 prompts for attention-grabbing TikToks 9780241506363
Kaneko, Toshio     Well-Dressed Dog: 26 Stylish Outfits & Accessories for Your Pet (Includes Pull-Out Patterns) 9780804854054
Kemball, Mark       Baggy & Culm: a climbers' club guide to Baggy Point & The Culm Coast 9780957281592
Kurlansky, Mark       The unreasonable virtue of fly fishing 9781635573077
Lavelle,Christine How to create a wildlife garden:encouraging birds, bees, butterflies and nature into your outside space 9780754835202
Lemon, Don        This is the fire: what I say to my friends about racism 9780316257572
MacKinnon, J.B.       The day the world stops shopping: how ending consumerism gives us a better life and a greener world 9781847925473
McCartney, Linda      Linda McCartney's family kitchen: over 90 plant-based recipes to save the planet and nourish the soil 9781841883632
McGinty, Stephen    The dive: the untold story of the world's deepest submarine rescue 9780008410773
Miliband, Ed         Go big: how to fix our world 9781847926241
Mitchell, C.J.       The pebble spotter's guide 9781911657309
Moffat, Alistair   The secret history of here: a year in the valley 9781838851132
Moore, Billy      Fighting for my life: a prisoner's story of redemption 9781472145604
Mosse, Kate       An extra pair of hands: a story of caring, ageing & everyday acts of love 9781788162616
Murray, Robin      Listen to this if you love great music: 100 essential albums that really matter 9780711256088
Neima, Anna       The utopians: six attempts to build the perfect society 9781529023077
Nichol, John       Tornado: in the eye of the storm 9781471180521
Nicolson, Adam       The sea is not made of water: life between the tides 9780008294779
Oates, M.R.       His imperial majesty: a natural history of the Purple Emperor 9781472950161
Obrist, Hans Ulric 135 artists' ideas for planet Earth 9780141997261
O'Connor, Sinead     Rememberings 9781844885411
O'Neill, Alix       The troubles with us: one Belfast girl on boys, bombs and finding her way 9780008393700
Pinnock, Dale       The medicinal chef plant based diet: how to eat vegan & stay healthy 9780600636045
Richards, Gareth     Weeds: fifty untamed and beautiful vagabond plants 9781787394643
Robertson, Ian H.     How confidence works: the new science of self-belief, why some people learn it and others don't 9781787633711
Salisbury, Chris      Wild nights out: the magic of exploring the outdoors after dark 9781603589932
Saunders, Frances St The suitcase: six attempts to cross a border 9781787330542
Scott, Emily      Sea & shore: recipes and stories from a kitchen in Cornwall 9781784883997
Sebba, Anne       Ethel Rosenberg: a Cold War tragedy 9780297871002
Sewell, Matt       Save our birds: how to bring our favourite birds back from the brink of extinction 9781529107944
Shute, Joe        Forecast: a diary of the lost seasons 9781472976741
Strauss, Gwen       The nine: how a band of daring resistance women escaped from Nazi Germany - the powerful true story 9781838772062
Taggart, Caroline   The book lover's bucket list: a tour of great British literature 9780712353243
Tish, Ben        Sicilia: a love letter to the food of Sicily 9781472982759
Uney, Graham     Walking in Cornwall 9781852846848
Ware, Jessie     Omelette: food, love, chaos and other conversations 9781529355857
Wicks, Joe        Joe's family food: 100 delicious, easy recipes to enjoy together 9781529016314
Wilson, David      A plot to kill: a true story of deception, betrayal and murder in a quiet English town 9780751582161
Wood, Levison    The art of exploration: lessons in curiosity, leadership and getting things done 9781529343021
Yeo, Giles      Why calories don't count: how we got the science of weight loss wrong 9781409199724
Young, Alison     The beauty insider: effortless skincare and beauty advice that works 9781785043420

Author Title ISBN
Archer, Mandy      Things that go: a lift-the-flap book about vehicles 9781526382221
Ardagh, Philip     The library cat 9781471184079
Arrhenius, Ingela P.  Where's Mr Pirate? 9781788005685
Ayto, Russell    Will you be my friend? 9781839130342
Bell, Lula       I don't want to go to school! 9781788818650
Blyth, Al         Never grow up 9780241423103
Brownlow, Michael    Ten little monkeys 9781408363171
Burningham, John       Air Miles 9780857552198
Butterfield, Moira      Look what I found at the seaside 9781788004138
Carle, Eric       Very Busy Spider 9780593432280
Carle, Eric       Very Lonely Firefly 9780593432303
Carle, Eric       Very Quiet Cricket 9780593432327
Clayton, Dhonielle  Blackout 9780755503063
Curnick, Pippa      Indigo Wilde and the creatures at Jellybean Crescent 9781444954975
Davidson, Zanna      Table manners for tigers 9781474969192
Donaldson, Julia      Night Monkey, Day Monkey 9780755503674
Donaldson, Julia      The woolly bear caterpillar 9781529012187
Donaldson, Julia      Who's at the zoo? 9781529044096
Dunbar, Joyce      Mister Boo! 9781406395686
Eagleton, Ian        Nen and the lonely fisherman 9781913339098
Earle, Phil       When the sky falls, or, A is for Adonis 9781783449651
Elphinstone, Abi        The crackle dawn dragon 9781471173707
Fine, Anne       Be nice to Aunt Emma 9781781129654
Gliori, Debi       The boy and the Moonimal 9781408892916
Guillain, Adam       I'm thinking of a...jungle animal 9781788005821
Hill, Eric       Find Spot: a sporty day 9780241422663
Hodgkinson, Leigh      Book hospital 9781471169427
Hopgood, Tim        Tim Hopgood's wonderful world of colours 9780192766793
Howard, Paul       Aldrin Adams and the cheese nightmares 9780241441671
Jeffers, Oliver     Book of animals 9780008470777
Jeffers, Oliver     Book of numbers 9780008470807
Jones, Ursula     The sleeping beauty 9781408330685
Knapman, Timothy    Sometimes I am furious 9781509848577
Lancet-Grant, Jodie      The pirate mums 9780192777799
Larochelle, David      How to apologize 9781529500516
Leonard, M.G.       Twitch 9781406389371
Mangan, Stephen    Escape the Rooms 9781407193625
Nielsen-Fernlund, Susin      Tremendous things: a novel 9781839130618
Patricelli, Leslie     Daddy 9781406397987
Pratchett, Terry      A hat full of sky 9780857536068
Pratchett, Terry      The Wee Free men 9780857536051
Pratchett, Terry      Wintersmith 9780857536075
Sanna, Francesca  Move, Mr Mountain! 9781787418059
Sediva, Tereza     Mole in a black & white hole 9780500652053
Smith, Ben Bailey Something I said 9781526628688
Solomon, Rachel Lyn Today tonight tomorrow 9781534440258
Stevens, Georgina   Stella and the seagull 9780192774682
Walliams, David      Megamonster 9780008487591
Ware,Kate On a building site 9781912756681
Willis, Jeanne     Somewhere 9781788009034
  The bench 9780241542217

Author Title ISBN
Abadzis, S.Natalie  How to be an artist 9780241474112
Armstrong, Zoe        Up in the air 9780241461402
Bunting, Phil       The world's most pointless* animals: *or are they? 9780711262393
Clarke, Catriona   She shoots, she scores! 9780753446287
Davey, Owen       Curious about crocodiles 9781838740375
Davies, Nicola     Grow: secrets of our DNA 9781406394337
Deary, Terry      Awful Egyptians: read all about the nasty bits! 9780702311277
Deary, Terry      Measly Middle Ages: read all about the nasty bits! 9780702311260
Eboch, M.M.       How does Wi-Fi work? 9781398204553
Gravel, Elise      What is a refugee? 9780241423233
Grossman, Emily      World-whizzing facts 9781526602435
Ingram, Zoe        My first book of sea creatures 9781406394924
Kearney, Brendan    Penelope Strudel and the birthday treasure hunt 9780711254299
Last, Shari      Join the rebellion! 9780241469361
Martineau, Susan      Green science at home 9781912909377
McCurry, Kristen    What was it? 9781398201750
Murphy, Glenn      Olympic sport: the whole muscle-flexing story 9781529043006
Sirdeshpande, Rashmi     Good news: why the world is not as bad as you think 9781526363381
Williams, Marcia     The fantastic book of feelings: a guide to being happy, sad and everything in-between! 9781406397949

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