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Author Title ISBN
Abercrombie, Joe        The blade itself 9781399604307
Addison, Katherine  The grief of stones 9781786187444
Ahnhem, Stefan     The final nail 9781801109949
Alderson, Sarah      The cabin in the woods 9780008531584
Alexander, V.S.       The war girls 9781496734792
Allen,Louise The earl's mysterious lady 9780263301793
Anderson,Natalie The night the king claimed her 9780263300901
Andrews, Jessica    Milk teeth 9781473682856
Arcudi, John       The creep 9781534322264
Asaro, Catherine  The jigsaw assassin 9781982191962
Ashenden, Jackie     Find your way home 9781728247311
Ashworth, Libby      A mother's fight 9781800327634
Austen, Jane       Persuasion 9780008529314
Babalola, Bolu       Honey & spice 9781472286383
Bablet, Mathieu    Adrastee 9781951719425
Bailey, Tessa      My killer vacation 9780349435282
Ballantine, Philippa   Inferno's fall 9781789099942
Balogh, Mary       Remember love 9780349431567
Bilal, Parker     The trenches 9781838855123
Braffet, Kelly      The broken tower 9780233006529
Brett, Simon      Death and the decorator 9780727850676
Brookmyre, Christophe The cliff house 9781408712177
Brown, Eric       Murder at Standing Stone Manor 9781448309092
Brown, Janelle    I'll be you 9781399605588
Bryndza, Robert     Fatal Witness: The unmissable new Erika Foster crime thriller! 9781914547065
Bunn, Cullen     The Heathens 9781956731002
Burke, James Lee  The tin roof blowdown 9781409172413
Burrowes, Grace      Lady Eve's indiscretion 9781728225319
Burton, Jessie     The house of fortune 9781509886081
Campbell, Jack       Resolute: a 'Black Jack' Geary story 9781789096170
Candon, Emma Mieko Ronin 9781529157598
Capes, Kirsty     Love me, love me not 9781398700123
Carey, Louise     Outcast 9781473230019
Carrisi, Donato     The whisperer's game 9781408714591
Carter, Eva        Owner of a lonely heart 9781529038873
Carver, Will       The Daves next door 9781914585180
Cates, Donny      God of hammers 9781302926137
Cates, Donny      Smashtronaut! 9781302925994
Cavanagh, Steve      The accomplice 9781409198734
Chen, Katherine  Joan: the stunning feminist retelling of Joan of Arc 9781399706117
Chou, Elaine Hsi Disorientation 9781529079685
Claire, Sophie     An escape to Provence 9781529350067
Clarke, Rosie      A mother's shame 9781801621632
Cornell, Paul       Three little wishes 9781681161082
Correia, Larry      Bloodlines. 9781982192044
Crews,Caitlin The Viking's runaway concubine 9780263301830
Crosby, Polly      The unravelling 9780008358488
Crouch, Blake      Upgrade 9781529045352
Dahl, Julia      The missing hours 9780571354122
Danger,Allison  Blood and motor oil 9781988247793
Dawson, Jill       The bewitching 9781473654662
Dawson, Juno       Her Majesty's Royal Coven 9780008478506
Dickey, Susannah   Common decency 9780857526885
Divya, S.B.       Machinehood 9781982148072
Doherty, P.C.       Realm of darkness 9781472284792
Druart, Ruth       The last hours in Paris 9781472268013
Duggan, Gerry      Reign of X. Vol. 12 9781302944988
Dunford, Caroline   Hope for tomorrow 9781472276674
Eggers, Dave       The Every, or, At last a sense of order, or, The final days of free will, or Limitless choice is killing the world 9780241993644
Ellor, Zr         Silk fire 9781781089767
English, Rachael    The letter home 9781472264695
Erman, Matthew    Good luck 9781684158133
Ewing, Al         There are no rules 9781804910085
Fawkes, Ray        Into the flames 9781988247410
Ferry, Kirsty     Summer's secret marigold 9781781894972
Fesperman, Dan        Winter work 9781804540558
Fisher, David      The androids of Tara 9781785947926
Fisher, David      The stones of blood 9781785947940
Fleecs, Tony       Stray dogs: dog days 9781534323841
Forte, Frank      Undead evil: a tale of voodoo horror 9781617242281
Fortin, Sue        Beyond a broken sky 9781800243804
Frankham-Allen, Andy       An ordinary man 9781912535491
Gailey, Sarah      Eat the rich 9781684158324
Gayle, Mike       The museum of ordinary people 9781529344752
Gerlis, Alex       Agent in peril 9781804360484
Gerritsen, Tess       Listen to me 9781787635661
Granger, Ann        Deadly company 9781472290106
Granger, Ann        Mystery in the making: 18 short stories of malevolence and murder 9781472290212
Greaney, Mark       Armored 9780751583595
Green, Cass       The whisper house 9780008390815
Guillory, Jasmine    By the book 9781800784529
Haley, Guy        Plague war 9781800261235
Halliday, G.R.       Under the marsh 9781529115468
Harris, Carrie     Shadow Avengers 9781839081026
Harris, Oliver     A season in exile 9781408712924
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia    Dying fall 9781448309078
Harrow, Alix E.    A mirror mended 9781250766649
Herzog, Werner     The twilight world 9781847927231
Higgins, Charlotte  Greek myths: a new retelling 9781529111118
Hunter, Alice      The serial killer's daughter 9780008524180
Hurley, Graham     Katastrophe 9781838938369
Hurley, Graham     Lights down 9780727850034
Hutton, Katie      Annie of Ainsworth's Mill 9781838775834
James, Erica      Mothers and daughters 9780008413736
Jewell, Lisa       The family remains 9781529125795
Johnson, Debbie     Forever yours 9781409188063
Johnson,Joanna The officer's convenient proposal 9780263301823
Jones, Philip Gwy The angels of Venice 9780349429298
Jones, Sadie      Amy and Lan 9781784744816
Judd, Alan       Queen & country 9781471180255
Kabler, Jackie     The murder list 9780008434007
Kalla, Daniel     The darkness in the light: a thriller 9781982191399
Kelly, Cathy      The wedding party 9781409179306
Kennedy, Raven      Glow 9780241612880
King, Samantha   Not my child 9780008471460
Kirkman, Robert     Oblivion song. Volume 6 9781534320079
Kirkwood, Carol      The hotel on the Riviera 9780008393434
Korelitz, Jean Hanff Latecomer 9780571376896
Kuhn, M.J.       Among thieves 9781473234543
Larson, Rich       Cypher 9780316416580
Le Carre, John       A delicate truth 9780241396360
Le Carre, John       Our kind of traitor 9780241396353
Leather, Stephen    Dirty war 9781529367362
Lebbon, Tim        The last storm 9781803360423
Lieberman, Luke       The price of blood 9781524120122
Lloyd, Josie      Lifesaving for beginners 9780008373696
Lockhart, Ross E.    The book of Cthulhu: tales inspired by H.P. Lovecraft 9781949102642
Lorac, E.C.R.     Crook o' Lune: a Lancashire mystery 9780712354868
Louis, Lia        The key to my heart 9781398703292
MacKay, Niki       Taken 9781409195283
MacNiven, Robbie     Zachareth 9781839081446
MacOmber, Debbie     The best is yet to come 9780751581171
Mahmood, Imran      All I said was true 9781526647559
Malik, Ayisha     The Movement 9781472279316
Martin, Faith      A fatal end 9780008410551
Marwood, Alex       The island of lost girls 9781408725498
Marz, Ron        Almost American 9781949028959
McClellan, Brian      In the shadow of lightning 9781250755698
McDonagh, Sue        Summer of hopes and dreams 9781781894965
McFarlane, Todd       Spawn, aftermath 9781534323995
McGurl, Kathleen   The storm girl 9780008480868
McIntosh,Fiona The last dance 9781761042409
McKenna, Claire     Firetide coast 9780008337223
McMyne, Mary       The book of Gothel 9780356517711
McPherson, Catriona   Scot mist 9781448307357
Mina, Denise     Confidence 9781787301740
Miranda, Megan      The last to vanish 9781838957513
Montefiore, Santa      An Italian girl in Brooklyn 9781471197079
Moran, James      The fires of Pompeii 9781785947797
Moren, Dan        The nova incident 9780857669452
Moriarty, Sinead     Yours, mine, ours 9781844885381
Munro, Rona       The eaters of light 9781785947933
Murata, Sayaka     Life ceremony: stories 9781783787371
Musgrave, Elizabeth  Farmhouse 9781617242267
Myers, Alex       The symmetry of stars 9780008352776
Nadin, Joanna     The double life of Daisy Hemmings 9781509853038
Nayman, Ira        The ugly truth 9781915304049
Noble, Elizabeth  Other people's husbands 9780241590935
O'Neal, Barbara    This place of wonder: a novel 9781542037976
Osborne, Bella      A wedding at Sandy Cove 9780008464936
Ow, Anya       Ion curtain 9781786185990
Parker, Jeff       Mutants 101 9781302932138
Parks, Adele      One last secret 9780008395636
Parrott, Ryan       Death to the army of darkness 9781524119348
Patel Papathanasiou, Shameez    The last feather 9781787587083
Patel Papathanasiou, Shameez    The last feather 9781787587106
Patterson, James      Escape 9781529125399
Pearse, Lesley     Deception 9780241544938
Pearse, Sarah      The retreat 9781787633339
Pentland, Louise     Time after time 9781838774080
Pratchett, Terry      Interesting times 9781804990278
Pratchett, Terry      Sourcery 9781804990216
Pratchett, Terry      The colour of magic 9781804990315
Pratchett, Terry      The last continent 9781804990230
Pratchett, Terry      The light fantastic 9781804990254
Pratchett, Terry      Unseen academicals 9781804990292
Priest, Christophe War of the roses 9781524120382
Quinn, Frances    That bonesetter woman 9781471193446
Reeve, Alex       The blood flower 9781526612793
Reichs, Kathy      Cold cold bones 9781398510784
Rolfe, Helen J.   Finding happiness at Heritage View 9781804155080
Rosenberg, Matthew    What's the furthest place from here. Volume 1 9781534322288
Rowe, Christophe These prisoning hills 9781250804488
Roy, Lucinda    The freedom race 9781250809803
Rwizi, C.T.       Primeval fire 9781542037105
Rwizi, C.T.       Primeval fire 9781542037112
Ryan, Lexi       These twisted bonds 9781529377019
Sager, Riley      The house across the lake 9781399700573
Sanderson, Brandon    Oathbringer. Part one 9781473233324
Sanderson, Brandon    Oathbringer. Part two 9781473233331
Sanderson, Jane       Waiting for sunshine 9781787631946
Scott,Bronwyn The bluestocking's whirlwind liaison 9780263301809
Seddon, Holly      The woman on the bridge 9781409195528
Shackle, Mike       Until the last 9781473225299
Sheffield, Jack       School days: a teacher series novel 1976-1977 9780552177023
Shinya, Shima      Edge of balance. Vol. 2 9781974728640
Silva, Daniel     Portrait of an unknown woman 9780008280710
Singh, Nalini     Storm echo 9781399604505
Skelton, Douglas    Where demons hide 9781846975981
Skovron, Jon        The wizard of eventide 9780356514888
Slee, Katherine  The other half of me 9781542034616
Smart,Michelle Crowning his kidnapped princess 9780263300895
Smythe, J.P.       The ends 9780007541898
Snyder, Scott      Pedal to the metal 9781534322349
Soomro, Taymour    Other names for love 9781787303041
Stay, Mark       The ghost of Ivy Barn 9781471198014
Steel, Danielle   Suspects 9781529021998
Stewart,Rachael The billionaire behind the headlines 9780263302226
Stojanovic, Marko      Cross to bear 9781949028980
Stross, Charles    Invisible sun 9781447247623
Studler, Brian      Island of Dr. Moreau 9781951087272
Swan, Karen      The last summer 9781529084368
Swierczynski, Duane      Civilians 9781734389166
Swirsky, Rachel     January fifteenth 9781250198945
Szal, Jeremy     Blindspace 9781473227484
Taylor, Matson     All about Evie 9781471190841
Taylor, Travis S.  Saving proxima 9781982192051
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     Guns of the dawn 9781529091458
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     The bear and the serpent 9781529091434
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     The hyena and the hawk 9781529091441
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     The tiger and the wolf 9781529091427
Thomas, Cari       The hedge witch 9780008546700
Tolkien, J.R.R.     The fellowship of the ring 9780008537722
Tolkien, J.R.R.     The return of the king 9780008537746
Tolkien, J.R.R.     The two towers 9780008537739
Tope, Rebecca    Betrayal in the Cotswolds 9780749028596
Toyne, Simon      Dark objects 9780007551675
Tremayne, Peter      Death of a heretic 9781472265432
Trinchieri, Camilla    The bitter taste of murder 9781641293709
Trow, M.J.       The knight's tale 9781448309085
Trow, M.J.       The yeoman's tale 9780727850683
Tyner,Liz A marquess too rakish to wed 9780263301816
Wagner, John       The citadel 9781786185686
Wake, Jules      The Wednesday morning wild swim 9780008409005
Walter, Laura Mayl Body of stars 9781529349214
Wecker, Helene     The hidden palace 9780062468727
Wexler, Django     Blood of the chosen 9781788543248
White, Alex       August Kitko and the mechas from space. Book 1: hit it! 9780356518602
Wight,Lela May His desert bride by demand 9780263300925
Wiles, Will       The last blade priest 9780857669827
Williams, R.H.       The madness of the faithful 9781803132112
Williams,Cathy Bound by a nine-month confession 9780263300918
Wood, Michael    The lost children 9780008535575
Woolf, Virginia   Flush: A Biography 9781843681502
Young, David      Death in Blitz city 9781838774349
Zdarsky, Chip       Woman without fear 9781302934934
Zelazny, Roger      Isle of the dead 9781596879669
Zevin, Gabrielle  Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow 9781784744649
  Night shadows 9781914585203
  Sabbat war 9781800261976
  Ulysses: Mahler after Joyce 9780857429933
  World breakers 9781982192068

Author Title ISBN
Clerk, Carol      Vintage tattoos: a sourcebook for old-school designs and tattoo artists 9781802792522
Clifton, Joan       Patios & courtyards: practical ideas for backyards, terraces and small gardens 9780754835370
Felshtinskii, Iurii      World War III?: the battle for Ukraine 9781783341917
Graves-Morris, Verity     The wild swimming guide: South West 9781910821305
Green, Jen        How to attract garden birds: what to plant where to welcome birds into your garden, backyard birdwatching, and illustrated bird spotter guides 9780754835042
Hewitt, Sean       All down darkness wide 9781787333383
Keech, Pippa      Practical first aid: what to do in an emergency 9780754835035
Longworth, Roxy       When you lose it 9781802792188
Menmuir, Wyl        The draw of the sea 9780711273962
Moore, Ian        Death and Fromage: the most hilarious murder mystery since Richard Osman's The Thursday Murder Club 9781788423823
Peck, Alice      Around the world in 80 spiritual places: discover the wonder of sacred and meaningful destinations 9781800651067
Standing, Guy        The blue commons: rescuing the economy of the sea 9780241475874
Verkaik, Robert     The traitor of Colditz 9781802790764
  Budapest 9780241568545
  The rough guide to Europe on a budget 9781789197389

Author Title ISBN
Adamson, Ged        The elephant detectives 9781839942907
Allen, Kari       The boy who loved maps 9781984852304
Anastasiou, Mary       I want to be a sports star 9781922503602
Applegate, Katherine  Wishtree 9781801300704
Arshad, Humza      Little Badman and the rise of the Punjabi zombies 9780241509272
Atwater, Olivia     Ten thousand stitches 9780356518787
Aufranc, Carole     Lilly's hike 9781760360955
Awdry, W.         First words 9780008510879
Barnard, Sara       Something certain, maybe 9781529003604
Barnes, Derrick    Queen of the classroom 9781912650941
Baron, Adam       Some sunny day 9780008422370
Barrett, Hayley     Girl versus squirrel 9780823451869
Beaty, Andrea     All about plants! 9781419761515
Beaty, Erin       Blood and moonlight 9781250755810
Beedie, Duncan     No sleep for bear 9781787419865
Beer, Adam       Solo 9781471191640
Bennett, M.A.       H.A.W.K.S. 9781471408700
Bently, Peter      Cats in chaos 9780008469184
Bently, Peter      I am Cat 9781529013276
Berube, Kate       Mae's first day of school 9781419752421
Blade, Adam       Kaptiva, the shrieking siren 9781408365403
Blade, Adam       Velakro, the lightning bird 9781408365427
Blake, Stephanie  Wooolf! 9781776574834
Blyton, Enid       Bones and biscuits: letters from a dog named Bobs 9781444963366
Blyton, Enid       The castle of adventure 9781529008838
Blyton, Enid       The circus of adventure 9781529008883
Bowles, Paula      Tiny Crab is a tidy crab 9781471191794
Boyce, Sharon J.  There's a shark at my school 9781922503633
Bright, Anna       The song that moves the sun 9780063083523
Brignull, Irena      The seed of doubt 9781529504156
Bromfield, Asha       Hurricane summer 9780571371624
Brook, Olivia     Baby bunny magic 9781408366707
Brosnan, Katie      The Quaddlehumps and the Doodlethumps 9781786284846
Butler, Steven     Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey 9781444962697
Butterworth, Jess       Polar bear patrol 9781510108011
Caletti, Deb        One great lie 9781534463189
Campbell, Corrina    The boy who rescued a rainbow 9781916205468
Carter, Lou        Oscar the hungry unicorn and the new babycorn 9781408365137
Carter, Lou        The great hamster getaway 9781408878934
Carter,Lou Oscar the hungry unicorn meets Babicorn 9781408365151
Chen, Gina       Violet made of thorns 9781399707145
Chisholm, Alastair   Mira and Flameteller 9781839940040
Cleary, Beverly    Beezus and Ramona 9780380709182
Cockcroft, Jason      Running with horses 9781839132087
Corderoy, Tracey     Pirates ahoy! 9781839945823
Daniels, Sarah      The stranded 9780241507964
Dimaline, Cherie     Hunting by stars 9781914344077
Doleski, Shannon    Mary underwater 9781419759390
Driver, Sarah      Twice we make magic 9781405295567
Eccleshare, Julia      Stories for 5 year olds 9780008524678
Eccleshare, Julia      Stories for 8 year olds 9780008524760
Falafel, Olaf       Trixie Pickle, Art Avenger 9780241537640
Falase-Koya, Alex       Marv and the pool of peril 9780192780461
Fargher, Anna       The fire cats of London 9781529046878
Foster, Stewart    Can you feel the noise? 9781471191275
Garrod, Beth       Bad air day: Mission un-poppable 9780702311710
Gavin, Jamila     The eye of the horse 9780008511258
Gavin, Jamila     The track of the wind 9780008511241
Gosling, Sharon     The extraordinary voyage of Katy Willacott 9781788954181
Gray, Ayana      Beasts of ruin 9780241532577
Gray, Catriona   Spellstoppers 9781801310031
Hancocks, Helen      Penguin in peril 9781800783669
Harrison, Margot     The Glare 9780759555129
Henson, Mike       Broccoli's big day! 9780711267909
Holowaty, Lauren     Peppa loves everyone 9780241543405
Ho-Yen, Polly      The day no one woke up 9781471193569
James, Greg       The great dream robbery 9780241470473
Larwood, Kieran     Carnival of the hunted 9780571364527
Lord, Emma       Tweet cute 9781035009107
MacDonald, Alan       A collection of chaos 9781788954266
Malik, Ayisha     Jane Austen's Mansfield Park 9781444962673
Manushkin, Fran       Pedro and the dragon 9781398234390
Manushkin, Fran       Pedro is rich 9781398234420
Marshall, Amelia     The elves and the shoemaker 9781445184111
McCombie, Karen      How to hide an alien 9781788951104
Mendoza, Nadia      Friends don't tell 9781444964370
Neal, Tony       Too heavy, Elephant! 9780192782861
Newson, Karl       The hat full of secrets 9781788950794
Pollero, Gianna     Beastly breakout! 9781800780859
Povey, Clare      The unexpected tale of the bad brothers 9781474986502
Punter, Russell    The fly who told a lie 9781474998826
Salisbury, Melinda    Her dark wings 9781788452137
Sheibani, Jion       Shara and the really big sleepover 9780241572207
Simmons, Jo         The reluctant vampire queen 9781471411786
Solomons, David      A beginner's guide to ruling the galaxy 9780857639936
Stine, R.L.       Night games 9781665921022
Ure, Jean       Dandelion 9780008498108
Vaughan, Tom        A gangster stole my trunks 9780702305290
Walliams, David      Slime 9780008409555
  Dinosaur song 9780008503529
  Piper the Puppy goes on holiday 9781526383006
  Piper the Puppy learns to swim 9781526382993
  The big mean green 9781800781566
  Too Small Tola gets tough 9781406398793
  You're a helper! 9781797212135



Author Title ISBN
Adams, Guy        Tom Daley 9780702316531


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