New titles in December

Author Title ISBN
Abnett, Dan        A princess of Earth 9781524120009
Ahmed, Saladin    Abbott, 1973 9781684156511
Amel, Arash      Origins 9781684155552
Anholt, Laurence   Solstice of death 9781472130044
Ashford,Lucy The viscount's new housekeeper 9780263284416
Atwood, Margaret   Wilderness tips 9781844086610
Azzarello, Brian      The well 9781534319868
Beacon,Elizabeth Falling for the scandalous lady 9780263284423
Beaton, M.C.       A Highland Christmas 9781408715161
Blas, Terry      Reptil: brink of extinction 9781302930172
Brackston, Paula      City of time and magic 9781250260697
Brown, Dale       Strike Force 9780061173691
Bryndza, Robert     Darkness falls 9780751572780
Carrick, M.A.       The liar's knot 9780356515182
Clark, Andy       Steel tread 9781800260849
Corey, James S.A. Leviathan Falls 9780356510392
De Jager, Mark       Firesky 9781781089088
Dickson, Karen      A songbird in wartime 9781398503649
Dickson,Helen To catch a runaway bride 9780263284430
Donachie, David      HMS Hazard 9781493060658
Dorrison, Guillaume  Bloodstone collection 9781787734609
Douglas, Ian        Alien hostiles 9780008288914
Eriksson, Kjell      The deathwatch beetle: a mystery 9781250766168
Gordon, David      Against the law 9781801104777
Granger, Ann        Mystery in the making: 18 short stories of malevolence and murder 9781472290182
Hart, Gracie     The baker's girl 9781398508071
Ings, Simon      Anthos: artificial intelligence in 100 stories 9781800249714
Jacka, Benedict   Risen 9780356511177
James,Julia Cinderella's baby confession 9780263282733
Johnson, Daniel War Beta Ray Bill 9781302928124
Lee, Fonda      Jade legacy 9780356510590
Leitch, Fiona      A Cornish Christmas murder 9780008525354
Liefeld, Rob        Deadgame 9781684057955
Lobdell, Scott      The end 9781524119812
Locke,Nicole Her legendary Highlander 9780263284447
Marz, Ron        Turok: valley of the lost 9781524112851
Masterton, Graham     The shadow people 9781800243361
Mentasti, Mario      Obey me 9781524112806
Merbeth, K.S.       Discordia 9780316454056
Milne,Nina The secret Casseveti baby 9780263300055
Pak, Greg       Darth Vader by Greg Pak. Volume 3 9781302926229
Pammi,Tara Returning for his unknown son 9780263282764
Pembroke,Sophie Vegas wedding to forever 9780263300048
Rahal, Eliot      Machine Gun Kelly's Hotel Diablo 9781940878508
Russell, Mark       Children's crusade 9781524119508
Sapkowski, Andrzej    Blood of elves 9781473235106
Sapkowski, Andrzej    The last wish 9781473235090
Scott, Caroline   The visitors 9781398508170
Scott, Cavan      The High Republic. Volume 2 9781302931421
Scott,Bronwyn Saving her mysterious soldier 9780263284409
Shaw,Chantelle The Italian's bargain for his bride 9780263282740
Smart,Michelle Stranded with her Greek husband 9780263282757
Smith, Sherri L.  Advent to war 9781506709093
Spotswood, Stephen    Murder under her skin 9781472291677
Thomas, Brandon    Excellence. Volume 2 9781534318625
Todd, G.X.       Ghosts 9781472233202
Vandermeer, Ann        The time traveller's almanac: 100 stories brought to you from the future 9781800249707
Yap, Felicia    Today 9781472242266
  War of the bounty hunters companion 9781302931490

Author Title ISBN
Averbuck, Alexis     France 9781788680523
Berghoff, Maggie     Eat right for your inflammation type: the three-step program to strengthen immunity, heal chronic pain, and boost your energy 9781472291530
Burford, Tim        The rough guide to Wales 9781789196900
Clements, Paul       The rough guide to Ireland 9781789197136
Dillon, Paddy      Walking the South West Coast Path: national trail from Minehead to South Haven Point 9781786310682
Eliot, T.S.       Collected poems, 1909-1962 9780571336593
Firth, Henry      BOSH! on a budget 9780008420703
Gates, Stefan     Catology: the weird and wonderful science of cats 9781787136328
Greger, Michael    The how not to diet cookbook 9781529059243
Harper, Damian     China 9781787016774
Milner, Rebecca    Japan 9781788683814
Steinke, Ronen      Anna and Dr Helmy: how an Arab doctor saved a Jewish girl in Hitler's Berlin 9780192893369
Steves, Rick       Rick Steves snapshot Stockholm 9781641714303
Vandome, Nick       Windows 11 in easy steps 9781840789478
  The rough guide to Yorkshire 9781789197112

Author Title ISBN
Donaldson, Julia      The Gruffalo's child: a push, pull and slide book 9781529046434
Donaldson, Julia      The Smeds and the Smoos 9780702303975
Greig, Louise     The little prince 9781405288125
McManus, Karen M.   You'll be the death of me 9780241473665
Silvera, Adam       Here's to us 9781398505209

Author Title ISBN
Aboff, Marcie     Fast facts about German shepherds 9781398202856
Aboff, Marcie     Fast facts about Labradors 9781398202894
Amin, Anita Naht How to be a gaming influencer 9781398215535
Amin, Anita Naht How to be a style influencer 9781398215559
Barnes, Simon      The history of the world in 100 animals 9781471194719
Barnham, Kay        Women's rights and suffrage 9781445171432
Biskup, Agnieszka  How do smart homes work? 9781398204485
Dicker, Katie      Clean and safe water 9781526315274
Dickmann, Nancy      How do spiders walk on the ceiling? 9781398215597
Dickmann, Nancy      Your passport to Argentina 9781398215061
Dickmann, Nancy      Your passport to Sri Lanka 9781398215146
Gifford, Clive      Sports: facts at your fingertips 9780241477915
Graves, Sue        Going on a train 9781445176789
Harman, Alice      Protecting nature and wildlife 9781526315229
Howell, Izzi       Killer (theropod) dinosaurs: classify the features of prehistoric creatures 9781445173498
Hubbard, Ben        Welcome to Iceland 9780241465707
Jenner, Caryn      Rainforest animals 9780241465714
Labrecque, Ellen      Where do worms go in winter? 9781398215603
MacQuitty, Miranda    Ocean 9780241515099
Mohamed, Mariam     Eid al-Adha 9781398213005
Newland, Sonya      Gigantic (sauropod) dinosaurs: classify the features of prehistoric creatures 9781445173191
Richards, Jon        Space 9781526306739
Ridley, Sarah      Vaccinated: the history and science of immunisation 9781445182865
Spilsbury, Louise     Human rights 9781445171456
Sumerak, Marc       The secrets of the Jedi 9781789099539
Walter, Jackie     Make a rocket 9781445175058
Woolf, Alex       Animal armour 9781913971472
Woolf, Alex       Animals in the city 9781913971465
  Space! 9780241446676

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