New titles in August

Discover new titles that are available for August.

Author Book title ISBN
Abbott, Megan E.   The turnout 9780349012476
Abnett, Dan        Ashes to ashes 9781781089002
Adams, Jane       The good wife 9781780291925
Adams,Millie Marriage deal with the devilish duke 9780263284188
Albert, Annabeth   Out of Character 9781728226033
Allen, Hania      The ice hotel 9781472135254
Anderson, Lin        The killing tide: dark water, darker deeds 9781529033687
Archer, Rosie      I'll be seeing you 9781529405354
Arnett, Kristen    With teeth 9781472156495
Ashenden,Jackie The wedding night they never had 9780263282603
Baker, Chandler   The husbands 9780751575163
Barker, Pat        The women of Troy 9780241427231
Barnett, David      The handover 9781409185246
Barrett, Kerry      The secrets of Thistle Cottage 9780008389765
Bec, Christophe Cixin Liu's The wandering earth: a graphic novel 9781801100007
Benitez, Joe        Lady Mechanika. Vol. 1 9781534320567
Blake,Ally The millionaire's Melbourne proposal 9780263299892
Bolter,Andrea Caribbean nights with the tycoon 9780263299885
Boyd, Hilary     The affair 9781405943901
Boyne, John       The echo chamber 9780857526212
Boyt, Susie      Loved and missed 9780349015057
Brett, Peter V.   The desert prince 9780008309770
Brooke, Amanda     A good liar 9780008219123
Bruce, Camilla    Triflers need not apply 9780241442302
Burdette, Lucy       A scone of contention 9781643856247
Burke, James Lee  Another kind of Eden 9781398704695
Burrows,Annie A scandal at midnight 9780263284164
Butland, Stephanie  Nobody's perfect 9781838773229
Calkins, Susanna    The cry of the hangman 9780727850331
Cameron, Stella     The playing fields 9781780291239
Camilleri, Andrea     Angelica's smile 9781529043921
Candlish, Louise     The Heights 9781471183485
Carpenter, Libby      The vacancy 9781409181514
Carroll, Claudia    The fixer 9781838773922
Castillo, Linda      Fallen: a novel of suspense 9781250828033
Cates, Donny      King in black 9781846533112
Cavanagh, Steve      The devil's advocate 9781398700178
Chambers, Becky      A psalm for the wild-built 9781250236210
Clark, Cassandra  The day of the serpent 9780727890900
Cohen, Tammy      The wedding party 9781784162481
Cole, Daniel     Mimic 9781409198000
Collins,Dani Manhattan's most scandalous reunion 9780263282597
Conway, Gerry      With great power 9781846533129
Conway, Simon      The saboteur 9781529334296
Cook, Robin      Viral 9781529059373
Cookman, Lesley     Murder after midnight 9781472278326
Cox, Helen      A witch hunt in Whitby 9781529410389
Croft, Elle       Buried 9781409187264
Cutler, Judith     Death's long shadow 9780727850249
Cutler, Judith     Legacy of death 9781780291932
Dean, Ellie      Untitled 9781787465329
Downing, Samantha   For your own good 9780241446881
Duffy, Margaret   Gillard's sting 9781780291949
Duggan, Gerry      Marauders. Vol. 3 9781302927189
Edwards, Martin     Many deadly returns: 21 stories celebrating 21 years of Murder Squad 9780727890931
Edwards, Martin     Murder by the book: mysteries for bibliophiles 9780712353694
El Akkad, Omar       What strange paradise 9781529069471
Ellis, Kate       The stone chamber 9780349425726
Ellwood, Nuala      The perfect life 9780241989098
Evans, Harriet    The beloved girls 9781472271419
Feeney, Alice      Rock paper scissors 9780008370985
Feito, Virginia   Mrs March 9780008421717
Fitzek, Sebastian  The Soul Breaker 9781838935832
Flynn, Katie      White Christmas 9781529135404
Gibbons, Stella     Enbury Heath 9781784877194
Glen, Joanna     All my mothers 9780008410582
Golden, Michael    Doctor Strange 9781302930813
Gordon, Isla       The wedding pact 9780751574500
Graham,Lynne Cinderella's desert baby bombshell 9780263282573
Gregory, Raven      Van Helsing vs. Dracula's daughter 9781951087104
Gregory, Susanna    The chancellor's secret 9780751579482
Griffin, Mark       When silence kills 9780349428963
Grist, Paul       The Union 9781302924416
Grossman, David      More than I love my life 9781787332935
Guran, Paula      Far out: recent queer science fiction and fantasy 9781949102550
Hama, Larry      Heart of the dragon 9781302924690
Hamilton, Karen      The ex-husband 9781472279385
Hamilton, Laurell K. A terrible fall of angels 9781472285348
Hamilton, Peter F.   The dreaming void 9781509868636
Hamilton, Peter F.   The evolutionary void 9781509868667
Hamilton, Peter F.   The temporal void 9781509868650
Harris, Joanne     A narrow door 9781409170815
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia    The secrets of Ashmore Castle 9780751581812
Haughton, Emma       The dark 9781529356601
Hauty, Chris      Savage Road 9781471185670
Hawkswood, Sarah      Wolf at the door 9780749027254
Hewitt, Deborah    The rookery 9781509896493
Hewson, David      The garden of angels 9781780291956
Higgins, Jack       Graveyard to hell 9780008483579
Higgins, Kyle       Radiant black. Volume 1 9781534319165
Holden, Wendy      The duchess 9781787396241
Hornby, Emma       Her wartime secret 9781787634688
Horowitz, Anthony    A line to kill 9781529124309
Horton, Rich       The year's best science fiction & fantasy 9781607015383
Howard, Catherine  56 days 9781838951627
Howarth, Paul       Dust off the bones 9781911590538
Hughes, Emma       No such thing as perfect 9781529125818
Imrie, Celia      Orphans of the storm 9781526614919
Jecks, Michael    The moorland murderers 9781780291222
Johnson, Jane       The sultan's wife 9781789545296
Johnstone, Douglas    The great silence 9781913193836
Jones, Sandie     The guilt trip 9781529033052
Jupp, Miles      History 9781472239952
Keenan, David      Monument maker 9781474617093
King, Stephen    Billy Summers: a novel 9781529365726
Kirby, Jack       The eternals. Vol. 1 9781846533815
Korelitz, Jean Hanff The plot 9780571368099
La Plante, Lynda      Unholy murder 9781785765421
Lansdale, Joe R.     Moon Lake 9780316540643
Lapena, Shari      Not a happy family 9781787633018
Legat, Anna       Death comes to Bishops Well 9781786157942
Lewis, Linden A.  The second rebel 9781529386950
Locke,Nicole Her honourable mercenary 9780263284201
Loeb, Jeph       Yellow 9781302929671
Louis, Lia        Eight perfect hours 9781398703261
MacKay, Jed        Taskmaster 9781302921712
MacLaverty, Bernard    Blank pages and other stories 9781787333154
MacLean, Sarah      Bombshell 9780349429625
Marazano, Richard    Memories from the Civil War. Volume 1 9781849185288
Marshall, Laura      The anniversary 9780751575033
Mason, Elsie      The biscuit factory girls at war 9781409196501
Mathieu, Nicolas    Of fangs and talons 9781529331578
May, Peter      The night gate 9781784295080
McCall Smith, Alexander  The pavilion in the clouds 9781846975899
McDermid, Val        1979 9780751583090
McGeorge, Chris      Half-past tomorrow 9781409187592
McGuire, Seanan     Gwenom vs. Carnage 9781302928117
McIver, Ruth       I shot the devil 9781472266019
Mercurio, Jed        Sleeper 9781471194979
Merrill,Christine Lady Olivia's forbidden protector 9780263284171
Money-Coutts, Sophia     Did you miss me? 9780008370619
Moorcroft, Sue        A home in the sun 9780008430436
Mott, Jason      Hell of a book 9781398704640
Oates, Joyce Caro Breathe 9780008490881
Oliver, Jenny      One lucky summer 9780008297572
Osborne, Lawrence   The glass kingdom 9781529110777
Parry, Ambrose    A corruption of blood 9781786899859
Patterson, James      The noise 9781529125450
Paulson-Ellis, Mary       Emily Noble's disgrace 9781529036176
Penny, Louise     The madness of crowds 9781529379389
Perkins, K.         Products 9781787735873
Pomare, J.P.       The last guests 9781529307108
Preston, Douglas J. Bloodless 9781801104166
Reynolds, Alastair   Inhibitor phase: a novel of the revelation space universe 9780575090712
Robb, Candace M. The riverwoman's dragon 9781780291369
Robertson, James      News of the dead 9780241401996
Rose, Karen      Say goodbye 9781472244239
Rosenberg, Matthew    Thunderbolts 9781302928094
Rouf, Ketty      No touching 9781787703162
Russell, Mark       Children's crusade 9781524119508
Ryan, Anthony    The pariah 9780356514550
Sands, Lynsay     What she wants 9780063111349
Saunders, Kate       The mystery of the sorrowful maiden 9781408866924
Saylor, Steven     Dominus: a novel of the Roman Empire 9781472123657
Scott, Cavan      Smuggler's blues 9781785869457
Scott, Cavan      The High Republic. Vol. 1 9781302927530
Shafak, Elif       The island of missing trees 9780241434994
Shaw,Chantelle Nine months to tame the tycoon 9780263282580
Shepherd,Eva Stranded with the reclusive earl 9780263284195
Sheridan, Sara       Celtic cross 9781472134844
Sheridan, Sara       The fair botanists 9781529336207
Simone, Gail       Death defying devil: our home 9781524114817
Skelton, Douglas    A rattle of bones 9781846975639
Slimani, Leila      The country of others. Volume one: War, war, war 9780571361618
Spencer, Sally      Poison 9780727890955
Steel, Danielle   Complications 9781529021639
Stimson, Tess       Stolen 9780008386054
Summers, Rowena     White rivers 9781800320024
Sykes, S.D.       The good death 9781473680203
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     Dogs of war 9781800248939
Tedesco, Ralph      The watcher 9781951087050
Todd, Charles    An Irish hostage: a novel 9780062859853
Unge, Christian  Hell and high water 9781529408034
Walker, Betty      Wartime with the Cornish girls 9780008400286
Ward, Mat        Legacy of light 9780356513423
Watson, Tom        The House 9780751578805
Weisberger, Lauren     Where the grass is green 9780008338275
Wells, Zeb        Hellions by Zeb Wells. Vol. 2 9781302925598
Wenham-Jones, Jane       Old enough to know better 9780008475499
Whittall, Zoe        The spectacular 9781529383089
Williams, Rob        Disease 9781781089019
Wilson, G.Willow   Game over 9781302929862
Wong, Alyssa     Doctor Aphra. Vol. 2 9781302923051
Wyndham, John       The outward urge 9781473230729
Xia, Jia        A summer beyond your reach 9781642360295
Young, Glenda     Murder at the Seaview Hotel 9781472285645
  Avengers 9781302930349

Author Book title ISBN
Angier, Carole     Speak, silence: in search of W.G. Sebald 9781526634795
Balls, Edward     Appetite: a memoir in recipes of family and food 9781398504745
Bauer, Charlotte  How to get over being young: a rough guide to midlife 9781838951979
Beard, Richard    Sad little men: public schools, prime ministers and me 9781787302938
Bell, Ruby       Freeze 9781784727482
Birrell, Rebecca    This dark country: women artists, still life and intimacy in the early twentieth century 9781526604019
Bowker, John       World religions: the great faiths explored and explained 9780241487389
Bridge, Frankie    Grow 9781914240027
Burkeman, Oliver     Four thousand weeks: time and how to use it 9781847924018
Burrow, Rob        Too many reasons to live: my autobiography 9781529073249
Campbell, Laurie     Ripples on the river: celebrating the return of the otter 9781472989154
Clarey, Christophe The master: the brilliant career of Roger Federer 9781529342055
Cliff, Harry      How to make an apple pie from scratch: in search of the recipe for our universe 9781529026191
Cook, Sarah      Tortilla cookbook 9781841885445
Cox, Carl       Oh yes, oh yes! 9781474616270
Crane, Leo        Contemporary figures in watercolour: speed, gesture and story 9781849946681
Crowden, James      Cider country: how an ancient craft became a way of life 9780008393588
Du Sautoy, Marcus     Thinking better: the art of the shortcut 9780008393915
Dunn, Jane       Jane's patisserie: deliciously customisable cakes, bakes and treats 9781529109429
Dury, Baxter     Chaise longue 9781472155139
English, Charlie    The gallery of miracles and madness: insanity, art and Hitler's first mass-murder programme 9780008299620
Furmanovsky, Jill       Oasis: Knebworth 9781788402804
Gluck, Louise     Poems: 1962-2014 9780241526071
Goulson, Dave       Silent Earth: averting the insect apocalypse 9781787333345
Gracie, Rickson    Breathe: a life in flow 9780008440107
Hallenga, Kris       Glittering a turd: how surviving the unsurvivable taught me to live 9781800180482
Hare, David      We travelled: essays and poems 9780571369515
Harnden, Toby       First casualty: the untold story of the battle that began the war in Afghanistan 9781787396449
Hartnoll, Paul       Halcyon and on and on: the story of Orbital and the rise of rave 9781409188131
Higgins, Tim        Power play: Elon Musk, Tesla, and the best of the century 9780753554371
Hull, P.L.       Cartulary of St Michael's Mount 9780901853080
Jackson, Ed         Lucky 9780008423360
Keech, Pippa      Practical first aid: what to do in an emergency 9780754835035
Knapp, Cecilia    Everything is going to be all right: poems for when you really need them 9781398702554
Koonin, Steven E.  Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn't, and Why It Matters 9781950665792
Kuper, Simon      Barca: the rise and fall of the world's greatest football club 9781780724744
Lee, Carol Ann  A passion for poison: serial killer, poisoner, schoolboy 9781789464313
Lowman, Margaret   The arbornaut: a life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us 9781911630494
Lownie, Andrew     Traitor king: the scandalous exile of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor 9781788704816
Manji, Fatima     Hidden heritage: rediscovering Britain's lost love for the Orient 9781784742911
Manzoor, Sarfraz    They: what Muslims and non-Muslims get wrong about each other 9781472266835
Marchant, Danielle   Morning meditations: to focus the mind and wake up your energy for the day ahead 9781783254354
Mason, Paul       How to stop fascism 9780141996394
McBride, Eimear     Something out of place: women & disgust 9781788162869
McNicholas, James      The champ & the chump 9781472280374
Merrifield, Jeff       Damanhur: social alchemy, magical temples and the superindividual 9781786783707
Merriman, Helena     Tunnel 29: the true story of an extraordinary escape beneath the Berlin Wall 9781529334012
Miller, Lisa       The awakened brain: the psychology of spirituality and our search for meaning 9780241401934
Moore, Tim        Vuelta skelter: riding the remarkable 1941 tour of Spain 9781787333055
Oppedisano, Tony       Sinatra and me: in the wee small hours 9781982151782
Patrick, Ed         Catch your breath: the secret life of a sleepless anaesthetist 9781914240195
Pearce, Fred       A trillion trees: how we can reforest our world 9781783786916
Rachel, Daniel     Like some forgotten dream: what if the Beatles hadn't split up? 9781788403207
Stewart, Ian        What's the use?: the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics 9781781259412
Tassell, Nige       The hard yards: a season in the Championship, England's toughest league 9781398504462
Thorne, Liv        Liv's alone 9781529344189
Timmins, Gareth     Becoming the 0.1%: 34 lessons from the diary of a Royal Marines Commando recruit 9781529363500
Titchmarsh, Alan       The lost skills and crafts handbook 9781785947018
Tolkien, Royd       There's a hole in my bucket: a journey of two brothers 9781542027571
Trump, Mary L.    The reckoning: America's trauma and finding a way to heal 9781838954390
Uglow, Lyndsey    Leo & friends: the extraordinary dogs with the healing touch 9780008466541
Widder, Edith      Below the edge of darkness: exploring light and life in the deep sea 9780349011233
Willson, Caro       The hedgerow cookbook: cooking with foraged food 9781911657330
Wilson, Ryan       Let that be a lesson: a teacher's life in the classroom 9781784744014
Winter, W.Chris    The rested child: raising healthy sleepers from cradle to college 9781529359695
Young, Rob        The magic box: viewing Britain through the rectangular window 9780571284597
Zubrzycki, John       The House of Jaipur: the inside story of India's most glamorous royal family 9781787385566
  Great cities: the stories behind the world's most fascinating places 9780241471159
  The rough guide to the 100 best places in the USA 9781789196917
  Varieties of melancholy: a hopeful guide to our sombre moods 9781912891603
  What makes us human?: 130 answers to the big question 9781472272515

Author Book title ISBN
Andreae, Giles      The chimpanzees' happy tree 9781408366899
Antony, Steve      Wash your hands, Mr Panda 9781444948264
Arrhenius, Ingela P.  Where's Mr Fire Engine? 9781839940668
Baruzzi, Agnese     Dinosaur Surprise 9789888341955
Baruzzi, Agnese     Look, Look Again 9789888341207
Baruzzi, Agnese     Opposite Surprise 9789888341375
Baruzzi, Agnese     Turnabout Shapes 9789888341825
Bently, Peter      I am Dog! 9781529012767
Boughton, Sam        Hello, Mr Tiger!: a lift-the-flap book 9781787417250
Brownlow, Michael    Ten little unicorns 9781408355916
Burgis, Stephanie  The raven heir 9781526614445
Clarke, Jane       Tiptoe tiger 9781788006538
Coelho, Joseph     My beautiful voice 9780711248304
Dahl, Roald      Animal sounds 9780241481509
Dahl, Roald      Hide and seek 9780241481554
Dale, Katie      Clone alone 9781848868052
Dale, Katie      Top pup and bad rat 9781848868113
Dale, Katie      Trouble undercover 9781848868038
Davidson, Zanna      Monsters go green 9781474992275
Deuchars, Marion     Let's look at colours 9781786277763
Dickins, Rosie      Stories of horses and ponies for little children 9781474938068
Dixon, Alesha     Girls rule 9781407198507
Dodd, Emma       Happy 9781788006989
Elson, Jane       Storm horse 9781444955699
Faber, Polly      The book cat 9780571357888
Fraser, Lu         The Viking who liked icing 9781526603913
Gliori, Debi       A cat called Waverley 9781913074630
Gough, Julian     A bad king is a sad thing. Book 5 9781444937466
Gravel, Elise      Bug Club 9781770464155
Guillain, Adam       My big fantastic family 9781839943478
Guillain, Adam       My big fantastic family 9781839943485
Hart, Caryl      How to track a sabre-tooth tiger 9781471189593
Hegarty, Patricia   Halloween: a Halloween book of counting 9781801040259
Hendra, Sue        Norman, the slug with the silly shell 9781471197406
Holzwarth, Devon      Sophie's stories 9781407199245
Jackson, Holly      As good as dead 9781405298605
Jacob, Catherine  Betsy Buglove saves the bees 9780702310379
Jinks, Jenny      Pick it up: and, Pup! 9781848868083
Jones, Gareth P.  The monster maker 9781788953115
Lawrence, Patrice    Splinters of sunshine 9781444954777
Lee,Hannah Rapping Princess 9780571361144
Matharu, Taran      The champion 9781444939033
McCombie, Karen      How to be human 9781788951098
McNab, Andy       I broke the Internet 9781407196022
McQuinn, Anna       If you're happy and you know it! 9781646862863
Meres, Jonathan   Noodle the doodle steals the show 9781800900189
Meres, Jonathan   Scaredy Bat 9781916205406
Milbourne, Anna       Nosy lion 9781474994712
Montgomery, Ross       Ten delicious teachers 9781406389821
Murphy, Mary       Look, puppy! 9781406388169
Patterson, James      World champions! 9781529120165
Percival, Tom        Tilda tries again 9781526612984
Percival, Tom        Tilda tries again 9781526612991
Porter, Jane       Let's get ready for school 9781406393880
Punter, Russell    The dinosaur who stayed indoors 9781474991797
Rawlinson, Julia      Fletcher and the rainbow 9781914079245
Rayner, Catherine  Mini and Hardly and the big adventure 9781509804221
Robinson, Michelle   When Cucumber lost his cool 9780702305986
Scheffler, Axel       Axel Scheffler's flip flap zoo 9781839941009
Silver, Skye       Head, shoulders, knees and toes 9781646862856
Stamp, Emer       Return of the pests 9781444949643
Stevens, Robin      Once upon a crime 9780241419830
Torday, Piers      The wild before 9781786541116
Watt, Fiona      That's not my parrot..: its tummy is too fluffy 9781474992107
Webb, Holly      The abandoned puppy and other tales 9781788953191
Webb, Holly      The treasure map 9781788953276
Whaite, Michael    100 birds 9780241378915
Woolley, Katie      Starfish feels scared 9781445174594
Woolley, Katie      Swordfish feels sad 9781445174617

Author Book title ISBN
Anthony, William    Plants 9781839278396
Armstrong, Zoe        Curious creatures glowing in the dark 9781838740337
Bearce, Stephanie  Questions about space and beyond: you decide! 9781398214699
Birkhead, Tim        What it's like to be a bird 9781526604125
Brundle, Harriet    The hunt for honey 9781839278440
Butterfield, Moira      Sing like a whale 9781913519179
Challoner, Jack       Super science 9780241343470
Clay, Kathryn    Questions about animals and plants: you decide! 9781398214675
Coombs, Esther     Kids can bake 9781787081109
Cowsill, Alan       Avengers: the ultimate character guide 9780241518007
Cowsill, Alan       The way of the warrior: Marvel's mightiest martial artists 9780241467596
De La Bedoyere, Camilla    My first book of weather 9781787418509
Froese, Tom        Mummies unwrapped 9781788009010
Gagne, Tammy      Cool rides on wheels: electric racing cars, superbikes and more 9781398203488
Ganeri, Anita      Amazing Earth 9780241459454
Ganeri, Anita      Racial equality 9781445171395
Gifford, Clive      Football 9781445178332
Harris, Tim        How sharks and other fish attack 9781526314598
Mabbitt, Will       Lost in the museum 9780241481370
Nelson, Louise     Life cycle of a plastic bottle 9781839273599
Oxlade, Chris      Cricket 9781445178561
Tejido, Jomike     Where's Jonesy?: loot hunt 9781472281357
Twiddy, Robin      Living zero waste 9781839278501
Twiddy, Robin      Upcycling and recycling 9781839278518

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