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New Titles for December 2022

Author Title ISBN
Aaron, Jason      Punisher. Volume 1 9781302928773
Abnett, Dan        The victory. Part 2 9781804070789
Ahmed, Saladin    Empire of the spider 9781302933128
Andrews, Lyn        Goodbye, Mersey View 9781472281258
Apostol, Gina       Bibliolepsy 9781641294119
Avery, Fiona      Night of the hunter 9781302947897
Barker, Sandy      The Christmas trip 9780008552800
Bendis, Brian Mich Guardians of the Galaxy team-up! 9781804910252
Bendis, Brian Mich Justice League vs. the Legion of Super-Heroes 9781779517418
Birmingham, John       The shattered skies 9781789545975
Blake,Maya  His pregnant desert queen 9780263301113
Bloese, Jacquie    The French house 9781529377354
Brackston, Paula      City of time and magic 9781250269843
Brett, Simon      Waste of a life 9780727850690
Britz-Cunningham, Scott      Interface 9781684428809
Bronfman, Celeste    Deadly ever after 9781787738591
Brusha, Joe        Van Helsing: eve of oblivion 9781951087302
Burton, Levar      Aftermath 9781538723739
Cameron, Marc       Red winter 9781408727805
Cantwell, Christophe Obi-Wan: a Jedi's purpose 9781302947132
Caruso, Melissa    The ivory tomb 9780356513225
Chan, Jessamine  The school for good mothers 9781529158526
Chen, Cherish    Radiant red. Volume 1 9781534323209
Cochrane, Neil       The story of the hundred promises 9781942436515
Cook, Robin      Night shift 9781529098778
Cookman, Lesley     Murder by mistake 9781472278357
Costello, Iris       The secrets of Rochester Place 9780241994405
Counter, Ben        The Soul Drinker's omnibus. Volume 2 9781804070048
De Jager, Mark       Homecoming's fall 9781786187215
Dean, Tres       We ride Titans: the complete series 9781638491187
Fellman, Isaac R.   The two Doctors Gorski 9781250840936
Finlay, Linda      Farringdon's fortune 9780008392703
Foxe, Steve      House of XCII 9781302934712
Gillen, Kieron     Immortal X-Men. Vol. 1 9781302928018
Gilmore, Olesya Sal The witch and the tsar 9780008555580
Graham,Lynne  The Italian's bride worth billions 9780263301090
Gronbekk, Torunn     Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor 9781302946944
Guggenheim, Marc       Last flight out 9781506728919
Hama, Larry      Patch 9781302932060
Harffy, Matthew    Forest of foes 9781801102322
Higashino, Keigo      A death in Tokyo 9780349145372
Houser, Jody       Stranger things omnibus. Volume 1 9781506727646
Howard, Tini       Knights of X 9781302934682
James,Julia (Romance fiction w The cost of Cinderella's confession 9780263301106
Kelly, Joe        Savage Spider-Man 9781302945886
King, Tom        Rorschach 9781779517487
Kunsken, Derek      Flight from the ages and other stories 9781786187284
La Plante, Lynda      Trial & retribution 9781804181034
Lackey, Mercedes   Into the west 9781789099188
Lang, Ruth Emmie The wilderwomen 9781250246912
Lebbon, Tim        The complete Alien collection: the Shadow archive 9781803361161
Leigh, Judy       The Golden Oldies' Book Club 9781801623650
Lindsay, Jeffry P.  Three-edged sword 9781398706590
Lockhart, Ross E.    The book of Cthulhu II: more tales inspired by H.P. Lovecraft 9781949102635
Lyons, Steve        9781800262041
Mara, Andrea     Hide and seek 9780552177993
Mark, David John The whispering dead 9780727850553
Markman, Rob        Flatbush zombies - 3001: a prequel odyssey 9781940878812
Martin,Laura (Romance fiction  A match to fool society 9780263302066
May, Hannah Ros Rogues gallery. Volume 1 9781534324503
McCarthy, Cormac     Stella Maris 9780330457446
McPherson, Catriona   Scot in a trap 9781448307685
Mercer, Matthew    Critical role. Volume 3: Vox Machina origins 9781506723686
Merchant,Suzanne Their wildest safari dream 9780263302325
Mills, Pat        Finn origins 9781786186744
Moorcock, Michael    The citadel of forgotten myths 9781399600378
Moore, Scotto     Battle of the linguist mages 9781250767707
Morimi, Tomihiko   The Tatami galaxy: a novel 9780063158443
Murphy, Nora       The favour 9781529068832
Norton, Sheila     The secret of Angel Cove 9780349429861
Onyebuchi, Tochi      Homeland 9781302945404
Palmgren, Tristan    Squirrel girl: universe 9781839081460
Parker, K.J.       Pulling the wings off angels 9781250835765
Parks, Adele      One last secret 9780008444389
Pembroke,Sophie Their Icelandic marriage reunion 9780263302318
Pepose, David      Savage avengers. Vol. 1 9781302945381
Percy, Benjamin   Trials of X. Vol. 3 9781302949556
Percy, Benjamin   Wolverine by Benjamin Percy. 4 9781302927264
Peters, Glynis     The orphan's letters 9780008492410
Polk, C.L.       Even though I knew the end 9781250849458
Quirk, Matthew    Red warning 9781803284750
Ramsay, Caro       The devil stone 9781448309740
Reynolds, Alastair   Revelation space 9781399607810
Richardson, E.E.       Ritual crime unit 9781786187482
Rodi,Sarah  One night with her Viking warrior 9780263302080
Rolfe, Helen J.   Family secrets at the Inglenook Inn 9781804155264
Rolls,Elizabeth  Lord Martin's scandalous bluestocking 9780263302042
Ross, Rebecca    A fire endless 9780008514709
Rucka, Greg       Lazarus. Volume 7 9781534319196
Ruocchio, Christophe Ashes of man 9781803287553
Santullo, Rodolfo    Zomvikings 9781955537322
Shaw,Chantelle  A baby scandal in Italy 9780263301120
Singer, Elaine     Sisters of Vellangoose 9781803812977
Smith, A.J.       The sea rises 9781786696984
Stirling, S.M.       Blood of the serpent 9781803361833
Strachan, Richard    Hallowed ground 9781800262218
Tchaikovsky, Adrian     City of last chances 9781801108423
Temple,Lara  The wrong way to catch a rake 9780263302073
Tepper, Sheri S.   Grass 9781399607827
Tevis, Walter S.  The man who fell to Earth 9781399607834
Thomas, Sheree R.  Africa risen: a new era of speculative fiction 9781250833006
Tinley,Catherine  A laird in London 9780263302059
Walter, Jess       The best American mystery and suspense 2022 9780063264489
Whitaker, Helen      Single in the snow 9781399713016
Wolfe, Gene       The fifth head of Cerberus 9781250840103
Wong, Alyssa     The spark eternal 9780785194781
Wood, Mary       The orphanage girls reunited 9781529089684
Wraight, Chris      Sanguinius: the great angel 9781800262768
  Animal life 9781782277675
  Daleks. Vol. 2: the ultimate comic strip collection 9781804910641
  Solo leveling. Volume 6 9781975319373

Author Title ISBN
Abrahams, Debbie     Cosy throws and blankets: 100 blanket squares to knit from easy to expert 9781911670087
Allinson, Kate       Pinch of nom - enjoy: great-tasting food for every day 9781529062267
Andress, David      The French Revolution: a peasants' revolt 9781788540087
Baal-Teshuva, Jacob      Mark Rothko: pictures as drama 9783836504263
Bailey, Chris      How to calm your mind: finding peace and productivity in anxious times 9781035015542
Beardon, Luke       Autism in childhood: for parents and carers of the newly diagnosed 9781399805391
Beardon, Luke       What works for autistic children 9781399801683
Bell, Annie      Healthier planet, healthier you: 100 sustainable, delicious and nutritious recipes 9781529095579
Betteridge, Jane       Watercolour nature unleashed 9781800920415
Blott, Maggie     The day-by-day pregnancy book: count down your pregnancy day by day with advice from a team of experts 9780241520918
Boyes, Carolyn    The art of manifesting 9780008523060
Brandreth, Gyles Daub Elizabeth: an intimate portrait 9780241582589
Brower, Kate Ander Elizabeth Taylor: the grit & glamour of an icon 9780008435820
Cela, Krissy     Do this for you: train your mind to transform your fitness 9781783255047
Chapple, Simon      Rock bottom and rising: 21 inspiring stories of finding freedom from alcohol 9781399804271
Davis, Jocelyn R. The art of quiet influence: timeless wisdom for leading without authority 9781529399073
Dunn, Daisy      Of Gods and men: 100 stories from Ancient Greece and Rome 9781803287430
Fernando, S.H.JR.    From the streets of Shaolin: the Wu-Tang saga 9780306874437
Flower, Sarah      Comfort food from your slow cooker: simple recipes to make you feel good 9781472147738
Freer, Amelia     The organised cook: the life-changing way to save time, shop smarter and eat more healthily 9781788707077
Frostrup, Mariella   Wild women: a collection of first-hand accounts from female explorers 9781803287423
Galante, Forrest    Still alive: a wild life of rediscovery 9780306924255
Gawdat, Mo         Scary smart: the future of artificial intelligence and how you can save our world 9781529077650
Gillihan, Seth       Mindful cognitive behavioural therapy 9781399805360
Gottlieb, Lori       Maybe you should talk to someone 9781913348922
Gray, Catherine  Sunshine warm sober: the unexpected joy of being sober - forever 9781783255405
Gupta, Sanjay     12 weeks to a sharper you: a guided program to keep sharp for life 9781035404124
Hancock, Matthew    Pandemic diaries: the inside story of Britain's battle against COVID 9781785907746
Herniman, Barry      Sketching outdoors: discover the joy of painting outside 9781782219583
Hustwaite, Bridget    How to endo 9781760879082
Iandoli, Kathy      Baby girl: better known as Aaliyah 9781982156855
Johnston, David Cay  The big cheat: how Donald Trump fleeced America and enriched himself and his family 9781982178048
Karlin, Adam       New Orleans 9781787015982
Kingsley, Sean A.    Enslaved: the sunken history of the transatlantic slave trade 9781639362387
Kushins, C.M        Beast: John Bonham and the rise of Led Zeppelin 9780306846694
Lemer, Alison     Chicago 9781788684514
Leruste, Mark       Glow in the dark: share your best ideas and tell your story with confidence 9781529398922
Maddox, Lucy       A year to change your mind: ideas from the therapy room to help you live better 9781838959098
Meijer, Maarten    Erik ten Hag: the biography 9781529903621
Moorehead, Alan       Eclipse 9780552179126
Rickards, James      Sold out: how broken supply chains, surging inflation and political instability will sink the global economy 9780241584590
Spargo-Mabbs, Fiona      Talking the tough stuff with teens: making conversations work when it matters most 9781399800266
Strambio, Isabella   Macrame jewellery: 20 stylish modern projects using simple knots 9781782219668
Svensson, Lars       Collins bird guide 9780008547455
Tetro, Tony       Con/artist: the life and crimes of the world's greatest art forger 9780306826481
Truran, Christine  Short Cornish Dictionary 9780850254464
Vandome, Nick       iPad for seniors in easy steps 9781840789812
Wade, Peter      A practical guide to obtaining probate 9781802361414
Wade, Peter      A practical guide to residential conveyancing 9781802361421
Wade, Peter      An emerald guide to powers of attorney 9781802361438
Wolmar, Christian  Railways 9781788549851
Yurich, Ginny      1000 hours outside: activities to match screen time with green time 9780241575826
  The mini rough guide to Bologna 9781785731907
  The mini rough guide to Caribbean ports of call 9781839058202

Author Title isbn
Beresford, Jason Yikes! A mummy's got my granny 9781919614830
Han, Jenny It's not summer without you 9780241636015
Harvey, Damian The boy who wanted more cheese 9781445184470
Harvey, Damian The fisherman and the genie 9781445184432
Marshall, Amelia The magic porridge pot 9781445184081
Roehrig, Caleb Blood in the water 9781338784039
Sateren, Shelley Swanson The science project 9781398243811
Sateren, Shelley Swanson Too many tricks 9781398243859
Wakefield, Dan Kurt Vonnegut 9781644211908
Walliams, David Grannysaurus 9780008305765
Walter, Jackie Goldilocks and the three bears 9781445184067
Walter, Jackie Sinbad and the monkeys 9781445184418
Walter, Jackie The cat and the cradle 9781445184456

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