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Being a Library Member offers you access to a wealth of information for leisure and learning. Library membership is free to everyone living, working or studying in Cornwall and Devon including Torbay and Plymouth, for more than one month.

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By joining the library you agree to abide by the library regulations and by-laws.

On request, we can send you a courtesy email about any items which due for return from (please add to your safe list).

The vast majority of Cornwall Libraries are fine free – there are no overdue charges.  However, so that all our members can enjoy our up-to-date collection, please return your books by their due date or renew as appropriate. Books not returned or renewed after 70 days will attract a ‘lost book’ charge towards the cost of replacement. This charge will be removed if the books are returned.

To allow us to offer you this service, it’s your responsibility that we have your up-to-date email address to receive notifications from your Borrower Account and important library updates.  If your email address changes please visit your local library or email us at the address above.

Children's memberships - If you are under 16 your parent or guardian must sign your membership card.

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Your local library will be automatically selected if you ever reserve books online. However you will be able to choose to collect books from any library and return books to any of our libraries.

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Concessionary, Housebound, Young Adult and Children memberships offer lower overdue and computer charges. Remember to discuss this with your local library if you think you are eligible.

How we will use the information about you?

Cornwall Council has a statutory duty under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service and the information you provide will be used to deliver this service to you. We will only use this information for your membership of the Library and Information Service.

We will share your information with local town and parish councils and community groups who are our contracted partners in delivering the library service.

If you are eligible and choose to use our home library delivery, we will share your information with Royal Voluntary Service or other provider who is contracted to deliver this for us.

We will also share your information with the following contracted suppliers solely for the purpose of providing the library service

  • Capita Systems who provide our library management system
  • Lorensbergs Ltd who provide our public computer booking system if you use our public computer network
  • Bibliotheca Ltd who provide our self service kiosks
  • Digital Tech Solutions who provide our telephone messaging service

How long will we keep this information for?

Your information will be kept 24 months from the date you last accessed the service unless there are outstanding loans or charges on your record. In this instance, your information may be kept for up to 84 months in line with Batchelor retention guidelines.

For further information you can view the full privacy policy.

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